Some of our latest reviews.

"My son is learning, and is enthusiastic about learning with his tutor. She makes it fun for him. "

-- Cara P

Oct 18, 2017

"ease of finding a tutor and ease of payment. i also like the updates and the follow through from the office."

-- Chelsea F

Sep 06, 2017

"I like that the tutors are very personal as well as professional and that they are flexible within reason. "

-- Eva R

Aug 17, 2017

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"Care taken in finding a good match ”

--Susy E

Aug 09, 2017


"I like the one on one tutoring and the person selected for my daughter ”

--Myra M

Aug 09, 2017


"They were quick to respond to our needs and found the perfect match!”

--Sarane C

Jun 07, 2017


"I found everything i was looking for in a tutor for my daughter, knowledge, patience, flexibility, thank you ”

--Gladis R

Jun 07, 2017


"The service aspect -- coordinating between qualified tutors and customers. I also appreciate the reports, follow up and open line of communication.”

--Chelsea F

May 31, 2017


"I like the one-on-one individual attention that my son receives. The tutors are very patient with my son, who has ADHD. ”

--Marianne K

May 30, 2017


"Good tutors and come home”

--Natalia B

May 24, 2017


"The time you take in making a good tutor match and follow up after. Also like the tutpr reports each session.”

--Tracy L

May 24, 2017


"Reliable, convenient, good tutors. ”

--Kyle A

May 24, 2017


"Great Tutors and Tutor Doctor is always there to help with my children”

--Kent S

May 17, 2017


"Good tutors, good response time.”

--Lori B

May 17, 2017


"the Tutor is fantastic and she is really engaged with my son. He seems to learn quite a lot from her. ”

--Eva R

Apr 26, 2017


"Love our tutor!”

--Anya R

Apr 08, 2017


"Everything but mainly the avelebily ”

--Jessy L

Apr 06, 2017


"Personalization, tutor selection, follow up”

--Judy P

Apr 05, 2017


"The flexibility of scheduling and the connection the tutors are able to do with the students”

--Debora N

Mar 23, 2017


"Tutors are amazing”

--Danielle S

Mar 08, 2017