Some of our latest reviews.

"The anticipated results were yeild and expectations were exceeded."

-- Dorcas A

Feb 23, 2018

"They are very professional. We like the tutor they found for us."

-- Kim W

Feb 21, 2018

"the Tutor is always on time, and she pays close attention to our child and at the end of her session she gives us feed back on our child."

-- Latrese R

Feb 07, 2018

See below... more local client reviews:


"Excellent Tutors!!!!”

--Ed R

Feb 02, 2018


"Fred has been very helpful. Trenton's math has increased by almost 2 grades. We will be keeping the Tutor Doctor as needed until Trenton's graduation in 2019.”

--Diane H

Feb 01, 2018


"You are a very commits company and always look for your clients and the tutors that works with you are excellent thank you for everything”

--Conchith R

Jan 25, 2018



--Luisa A

Jan 19, 2018


"Heather Wolfe! She's amazing and get results!”

--Donna L

Jan 18, 2018


"Quality and skills and many more! ”

--Frank L

Jan 18, 2018


"I like that my son’s individual needs are addressed and he is truly cared for!”

--Gingi S

Jan 17, 2018


"The tutor assigned to us is very good. He is patient and understanding. He is very professional and reliable.”

--Andrea H

Jan 05, 2018


"Everything, no complaints”

--Nadia J

Dec 22, 2017


"Convenience and we love Kimberly ”

--Michele M

Dec 14, 2017


"Excellent choice of tutors. They very helpful to the student.”

--Ed R

Nov 08, 2017


"our tutor is always on time. She is always polite and professional. Our child is learning and enjoying her time with the tutor. we feel blessed! We highly recommend this service but we very highly recommend out tutor! ”

--Donna L

Oct 18, 2017


"I love how the tutor can customize each lesson to my child's current needs.”

--Gingi S

Sep 27, 2017


"We have loved our tutor! She always makes learning fun. We have been so happy with Joy's progress in tutoring. ”

--Sarah P

Aug 18, 2017



--Rhonda G

Jul 30, 2017


"Lessons are individually tailored to my child, tutor has experience with learning disabilities and my child has responded well to her, she comes to our house which is very convenient! Can't recommend Tutor Doctor enough!”

--Gingi S

Jun 21, 2017


"Out tutor Moises is great!”

--Claudia C

May 10, 2017