Some of our latest reviews.

"Excellent choice of tutors. They very helpful to the student."

-- Ed R

Nov 08, 2017

"our tutor is always on time. She is always polite and professional. Our child is learning and enjoying her time with the tutor. we feel blessed! We highly recommend this service but we very highly recommend out tutor! "

-- Donna L

Oct 18, 2017

"I love how the tutor can customize each lesson to my child's current needs."

-- Gingi S

Sep 27, 2017

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"We have loved our tutor! She always makes learning fun. We have been so happy with Joy's progress in tutoring. ”

--Sarah P

Aug 18, 2017



--Rhonda G

Jul 30, 2017


"Lessons are individually tailored to my child, tutor has experience with learning disabilities and my child has responded well to her, she comes to our house which is very convenient! Can't recommend Tutor Doctor enough!”

--Gingi S

Jun 21, 2017


"Out tutor Moises is great!”

--Claudia C

May 10, 2017


"I love that you are able to come to our home. Our daughter is much more comfortable learning in her own environment. The fact that we can have the person who we are most comfortable with is such a plus!”

--Monika P

Apr 27, 2017


"It's convenient and you work very hard to match the right tutor with the right pupil I love my new tutor he is great.”

--Deolinda C

Apr 26, 2017


"Love our tutor and the convenience of them coming to our home.”

--Michele M

Apr 20, 2017


"The Tudor. He's great. My son feels very confident because of him.”

--Judith S

Apr 19, 2017


"I like the responsiveness of the staff and I appreciate the connection Sammy & Trenton seem to have. Sammy is very focused and patient and Trenton's grade is quietly going up.”

--Diane H

Apr 06, 2017


"Very professional and my daughter is responding well to her tutor Amanda.”

--Heidi A

Feb 17, 2017


"My daughter's tutor is an experienced professional who uses various tools to help my daughter learn & understand 3rd grade reading concepts.”

--Lalisa H

Dec 15, 2016


"I love the flexibility of the sessions and that Miss V makes it fun for my daughter! She looks forward to their sessions and learns in the process!”

--Melissa L

Jul 21, 2016


"Ability to find the right tutor for subject & individual student.”

--Joanna M

Jul 06, 2016


"I would highly recommend this service. I just wish the price was a little more afordable.”

--Corey W

May 18, 2016


"Michele was able to identify my students needs & she then placed her with the most appropriate tutor.”

--Joanna M

Mar 10, 2016