Some of our latest reviews.

"Committed and versed instructors "

-- Victor M

Dec 27, 2018

"The commitment to the students and finding them the best fit"

-- Ruby A

Dec 21, 2018

"Excellent Tutors"

-- Ed R

Dec 20, 2018

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"We have an exceptional tutor”

--Gina J

Dec 20, 2018


"Reliable and good knowledgeble tutors”

--Maria H

Dec 13, 2018


"Dedication, commitment and transparency, and good quality. ”

--Dina I

Dec 12, 2018


"Quick response, easy to schedule sessions, update on sessions used and sessions left.”

--Jose B

Nov 28, 2018


"Personal care, relationship to my child, knowledge of subject areas, suggestions for further success. ”

--Lynn M

Nov 21, 2018


"The people are very nice ”

--Conchith R

Nov 14, 2018


"I like the promptness and professionalism of Tutor Doctor's emails. I've loved working with Michelle and our tutor, Darin. Great match!”

--Emily F

Nov 10, 2018


"They come to the house! You are matched with a tutor. Flexible times. ”

--Melissa K

Nov 07, 2018


"Tutor’s knowledge of the subject and relax way of teaching. He has a flexible schedule and seems to understand teenagers very well. ”

--Sandra M

Nov 07, 2018


"Convenient, professional”

--Kia B

Oct 25, 2018


"The communicating is a one on one excellent. Teachers make sure the child understand before moving on .Great Job.”

--Shirley A

Oct 05, 2018


"Timely responses ”

--Ruby A

Sep 13, 2018


"Charles is excellent. He communicates effectively with the student.They are comfortable asking questions, A very good program.”

--Ed R

Sep 12, 2018


"Kristen is excellent. I have referred two people to Tutor Doctor already ”

--Gina J

Sep 12, 2018


"We like Fred. He has been very helpful with Trenton's algebra.”

--Diane H

Sep 05, 2018


"My child is enjoying math for the first time. ”

--Kendra F

Aug 22, 2018


"They found the perfect tutor for my son. ”

--Mary A

Aug 22, 2018