Some of our latest reviews.

"Easy to schedule, quality of tutors and flexibility with hours."

-- Anastasia K

Feb 08, 2017

"I like the feedback I get after every session. "

-- Jason C

Dec 20, 2016

"I like that its a personal service and doesn't feel like a giant company"

-- Mary W

May 25, 2016

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"I find that the tutors, while extremely well informed in all their subjects, are kind and supportive.”

--Kay L

May 12, 2016


"The teacher is reliable and consistant. The tutor is fully interested in her student's need. The tutor is very transparent on the content and interaction with the student by sending the parent a summary after the class.”

--Marian C

May 12, 2016


"Our tutor Ms. Bacchus is great with her work with my little Melissa. Within the past two full weeks of working with Ms. Bacchus Melissa has had two spelling tests. She received an 80% the first full week and a 90% the following. The week prior to initiating services Melissa scored a 20% which was sonscarey for us. Ms. Bacchus taught Melissa a finger counting technique with spelling and sounding out words to help identify the letters. The technique has helped her a great deal. When doing homework and practicing spelling words Melissa now uses the technique all the time. I allow Ms. Bacchus and Melissa the space to work together and I am able to hear the communication between them. I am grateful to have someone so dedicated and caring to work with Melissa. Ms. Bacchus is also very professional. So far so good and we are very happy about the results so far.”

--Neisha-Ann J

Apr 21, 2016


"Tutor Doctor provides the best services ever. This is my second time using Tutor Dector and I can't complain. These have some of the best tutors, they are very courteous,have a lot of patience and very pleasant.”

--Marcia G

Feb 25, 2016


"Very good.”

--Meire F

Feb 17, 2016


"Tutot Doctor is convenient, flexible and David is responsive and also the tutors have been excellent.”

--Anastasia K

Jan 21, 2016


"Personal attention, tutor assigned that fits student.”

--Joyce M

Aug 17, 2015


"Excellent service ... the tutors are carefully selected and supervised. And, most important, the student likes them!”

--Kay L

Aug 05, 2015


"The professionalism, dedication, and level of communication is outstanding. All my questions and concerns are answer in a timely manner and I know what to expect from the first meeting. The tutor is amazing and knew just exactly how to help my daughter and the most important part is I seen results... Great company, I would recommended to anyone and everyone”

--Nordia T

May 07, 2015


"quality, flexibility and addressing individual needs”

--Carlos N

Mar 05, 2015



--Tashana S

Mar 04, 2015


"I like the email reports I get after each session.”

--Jason C

Feb 20, 2015


"I like that each tutor is chosen to fit the needs of the individual student.”

--Kay L

Feb 09, 2015


"The level of professionalism The extra effort applied to match student and tutor. Ease of communication. With tutors and management.”

--Sarah G

Jan 28, 2015


"Very prompt, timely and easy to work with.”

--Clarence K

Jan 14, 2015


"Specific plan for each student's needs”

--Carlos N

Dec 04, 2014


"Convenience, quality, excellent service”

--Anastasia K

Nov 26, 2014