Some of our latest reviews.

"Convenient and flexible scheduling allows for tutor to assist my dyslexic son in his classroom for one hour twice a week. It’s a real help. "

-- Gail F

Dec 15, 2017

"Tutor is very professional & knowledgeable."

-- Patricia C

Sep 20, 2017

"We sons have have several successful tutoring sessions with Mike Lostica. Mike is always prepared, on time and encouraging. My boys grades have went up and they look forward to their tutoring sessions with Mike. We could not ask for a better tutor. "

-- Ann P

May 12, 2017

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"Very honest and its very comfortable ”

--Mariam A

May 03, 2017



--Julie M

Mar 22, 2017


"Customer service and the tutor experience and caring”

--Linda M

Dec 20, 2016


"Very convenient, staff is nice & I see results”

--Tamisha C

Jul 27, 2016


"Tutoring in the home, individualized . We really thought our tutor Tony went above and beyond to help Maile with math.”

--Stacy H

Jun 16, 2016


"Excellent Teacher”

--Parise S

Mar 17, 2016


"We like the process of how the student is matched with a tutor. Also like how we can add or decrease sessions depending on our child's needs. The tutor, Ryan Soehn, is making a tremendous impact on our chid's learning.”

--Colleen V

Feb 13, 2016


"Our tutor, Marisol is a great instructor”

--Alana B

Feb 11, 2016


"I like that you come to our house and the tutoring is personalized for our son.”

--Wendy R

Dec 30, 2015


"I appreciate the convenience of meeting at my home. I appreciate the extra problems/solutions provided.”

--Debbie R

Dec 02, 2015


"I like the interaction between my daughter and her tutor. I also like the fact that the tutor can meet us in our home on our schedule.”

--Zeta B

Nov 25, 2015


"We see results.”

--Katherine D

Nov 12, 2015


"My daughter's tutor is just fantastic!! Thank you Marisol!!”

--Alana B

Oct 30, 2015


"Our tutor is very compassionate and patient with Jackson. She takes her time with him to make sure he understands before moving onto another math problem. I can see he's making progress and able to solve his math problems on his own much more than he has in the past.”

--Lisa P

Oct 08, 2015


"I like that the tutoring service is customized to my child's needs. Meeting in our home also fits well into our schedule & lifestyle. We especially love our tutor. She is very professional, smart, & patient. We've been extremely satisfied with thus service. Thank you for everything.”

--Alison G

Oct 07, 2015


"My tutor is so enthusiastic with my child that she in turn gets excited about reading to her!”

--Robyn E

Sep 09, 2015


"I am really impressed with the consultants ability to match a tutor with my daughter so perfectly. My daughter is really comfortable with Lissette (tutor) and is grasping the math concepts that she was struggling with.”

--Zeta B

Jul 30, 2015