Some of our latest reviews.

"I was impressed but the quick response I received after initially contacting Tutor Doctor. I also feel the contact established between our tutor and my daughters teacher is important for her success. The tutoring is not done in isolation but instead is part of a group effort to best support my daug..."

-- Peggy D

Nov 01, 2017

"We love our tutor, Kyle. I understands our kid and knows how to help him with organization and studying."

-- Dave Z

Aug 31, 2017

"Mitch and Shareef work well together and Mitch feels he's getting very good preparation for the ACT. Scheduling has been easy and convenient. Very happy overall. "

-- Christie T

Aug 23, 2017

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"Flexibility, able to cover multiple subjects, meet at our home, direct contact with tutors to set up sessions and answer questions, tutors always respond quickly”

--Beth R

Jun 30, 2017


"flexible and committed to helping my daughter”

--Robert S

Jun 07, 2017


"Tutors are. Dry knowledgeable and can easily schedule according to your teen's schedule.”

--Jane O

May 10, 2017


"Direct contact with tutors Tutors work with our child at home Tutors can help in multiple subjects ”

--Beth R

Mar 29, 2017


"That we can find the right fit for my son.”

--Dave Z

Feb 15, 2017


" It is fully customizable as to the timing, curriculum and the level of assistance the tutoring can provide. ”

--Jackie K

Feb 15, 2017


"Easy to find a tutor when needed and don't have to wait a few weeks to set up a session.”

--Jane O

Feb 08, 2017


"You've been easy to work with, quick to respond. Tutors have been great.”

--Katie B

Jan 11, 2017


"Rade is great - she listens to our needs and works hard to assign the right tutor for my kids”

--Kristin L

Dec 21, 2016


"Rade really seemed to understand our needs in our initial conversation. Good communication emails. Excellent tutor, very impressed with Kathy and how she works with our son.”

--Kymn L

Jun 30, 2016


"We like the flexibility of our tutor's availability. If our daughter is struggling with a concept taught during the week, or needs help prepping for a test, Paul is always able to come over and help her. The individual attention has made a huge difference in clearing up questions and giving her confidence.”

--Beth R

Jun 22, 2016


"Flexibility, tutors come to your house, knowledge of tutors...”

--Dawn O

May 04, 2016


"My granddaughter To piloves her tutor! She was able to help her bring every grade up by one grade, I think that speaks for itself.”

--Margaret R

Apr 20, 2016


"Our previous tutor and new tutor are very helpful.”

--Jeff K

Apr 20, 2016


"Rade does a great job finding us the right tutor”

--Kristin L

Apr 07, 2016


"Carrie is great. She is so patient with David, even when he is having a hard time sitting and concentrating.”

--Sue M

Mar 17, 2016


"The tutors were very well matched to the needs and personality of my child and were very in tune with the common core curriculum and its requirements. They also came ready to provide additional resources.”

--Ella A

Mar 10, 2016