Some of our latest reviews.

"The tutors are professional and actually care about the academic well being of their students. They go above and beyond what is expected of them. Timely, smart, and organized!"

-- Maria B

Apr 04, 2018

"Tutors are very professional and keep their appointments. Also good mix of knowledge but empathy to student when they keep making mistakes. "

-- Tracy S

Feb 21, 2018

"Individual, in home, knowledgeable tutors, reliable, respectful, supportive and caring!"

-- Jill B

Dec 17, 2017

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"The Quality of the Tutors. My daughter now a freshman at Sacred Heart University has been tutored most of academic Life and Her experience with the Quality Tutors from tutor doctor are Barr Non. ”

--Tracy M

Dec 15, 2017


"The tutors were very knowledgeable, provided effective feedback, were flexible in their schedules and easy to work with. ”

--Karen D

Oct 25, 2017


"They cater to my child's individual needs. ”

--Gina C

Jun 18, 2017


"One to one, in home professional tutoring & supervisory feedback after each session. Tutor Doctor met our ED child with patience, understanding, encouragement & knowledge. Peter has been a very positive experience which we, gratefully, will need for summer school algebra. Thank you!”

--Jill B

Jun 14, 2017