Some of our latest reviews.

"We had a few false starts but we’re very happy with the final tutor we were given"

-- Alison M

Aug 13, 2020

"Excellent tutor who has really helped our daughter get back on track in Maths. Responsive."

-- Connie S

Aug 05, 2020

"Easy to organise, flexible sessions "

-- Diana L

Jul 30, 2020

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"Payment up front , pre meeting was good to clarify our needs ”

--Michelle S

Jul 29, 2020


"Excellent tutors and very well organised.”

--Sonja L

Jul 29, 2020


"prompt and excellent, needs driven”

--Vicki K

Jul 26, 2020


"Out tutor is very good with out 8 year old, speaks in a younger language so good at explaining and very patient. ”

--Belinda C

Jul 22, 2020


"Professional, personal and flexible ”

--Irene F

Jul 22, 2020


"We love our tutor. My son is now thriving at school academically. He has found confidence with his work in the classroom and a love for learning. ”

--Rebecca H

Jul 22, 2020


"Great tutor Sean works very well with Jasmine. Flexible service especially during COVID times online sessions have been great. ”

--Sophie P

Jul 19, 2020


"Amy really takes a keen interest in matching tutors to student's needs. Tutors have all been of a very high standard.”

--Jodi S

Jul 15, 2020


"Beautifully tailored to the child - right tutor for the individual needs. Amazing!”

--Dr B

May 22, 2020


"Good at matching tutor to student. Flexibility. Post tutoring reports”

--Jason K

May 11, 2020


"The care and time taken to prepare the lessons.”

--Sonja L

May 07, 2020


"I loved the personalised service when amy came to our home to meet my daughter . she was able to match her with a suitable high quality art tutor. I like paying up front so I don't have to pay each week ”

--Michelle S

May 04, 2020


"Flexibility ”

--Diana L

Apr 29, 2020


"Love our tutor”

--Effie N

Apr 10, 2020


"Personalized service, attention to detail ”

--Sveltlana C

Apr 09, 2020


"We have an excellent tutor!”

--Susan H

Mar 12, 2020


"The tutors are lovely and patient and excellent teachers. I love that Tutor Doctor pairs the student with a tutor who shares similar interests with the student. It’s awesome that you can start and stop your hours whenever you need to ”

--Anna W

Mar 11, 2020