Some of our latest reviews.

"Tutor has been able to build a great rapport with our yr 7 daughter and they work well together reinforcing / revising work done at school. The session report we receive is also a gtreat way for us, parents to know how our daughter is going. "

-- Carole H

May 20, 2022

"Middle person between parents and tutor that we can contact if any issues arise feeling supported to find the best match for the child needing to be tutored."

-- Carole H

Feb 25, 2022

"It’s very personalised to the students needs. Feedback on lessons given quickly."

-- Laura M

Feb 17, 2022

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"Well organised and great tutors”

--Belinda S

Feb 16, 2022


"Very friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and accommodating.”

--Krista M

Feb 09, 2022


"Engagement, after class report, interactive, passionate.”

--Alex Z

Feb 09, 2022


"Vineet was so responsive and was quick to find a tutor to help our son. He has also been very flexible with our timetable. Aksahy is a great tutor who has started what I think will be a successful journey. He has also been very flexible with his approach and time. Thank you”

--Nicola C

Nov 08, 2021


"Friendly positive team with plenty of feedback and willing to meet individual needs ”

--Susan L

Oct 08, 2021


"The tutor is very dedicated and supportive.”

--Thushani D

Oct 03, 2021


"The genuine care given to the client in helping them to achieve their goals, and the constant checking in, either via a phone call or email. ”

--Catherine D

Sep 30, 2021


"Very efficient, keep in contact, great tutors.”

--Sue D

Sep 15, 2021


"Our tutor has created a great rapport with my son. She has found a positive way to engage his unique learning style where traditional approaches have failed in the past. My son is going from strength to strength and actually looks forward to his tutoring sessions. Very happy with this service.”

--Shannon H

Aug 30, 2021


"Very flexible and able to tailor the service according to student.”

--Ekta S

Aug 25, 2021


"excellent service understands students needs Very happy student ”

--Nicholas R

Jun 28, 2021


"The company is reliable and very professional. All staff are caring and genuine.”

--Catherine D

Jun 24, 2021


"Very easy to deal with. Willing to discuss any thoughts. The tutor supplied is excellent.”

--Sue D

Jun 16, 2021


"Great feedback and tutor matching to my child. Flexible program designed to cater to each child’s needs. ”

--Susan L

Jun 16, 2021


"Tutor is very engaging with my young son. My son seems to enjoy the tutoring sessions.”

--Dilki W

Jun 02, 2021


"When my daughter joined Tutor Doctor this year I was not too sure how she will adapt.. Her teacher has been so supportive and helped Nidhi to adapt different writing skills, thinking skills and putting her thoughts in writing and in her speech. Naomi has been excellent in helping Nidhi in writing and doing her maths. Nidhi feels very comfortable with Naomi and can talk to her freely in putting her thoughts in writing. A big thanks to Both Connor and Naomi. Vineet has been a great help in providing the best support and making sure that we are on right track. I would like to recommend Tutor Doctor to other parents Thanks Rupa”

--Rupa S

May 13, 2021



--Maria H

Aug 05, 2020