Hamlyn Terrace
Some of our latest reviews.

"My son is very happy with his tutor and this makes him enjoy his lesson."

-- Carmen V

Mar 05, 2022

"very helpful, always on time, suits my child"

-- Joslyn B

Mar 04, 2022

"Our Tutor Shivesh is friendly, professional and his online tutoring set up is awesome. "

-- Leanne M

Mar 02, 2022

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"The tutors are terrific!”

--Irene B

Feb 23, 2022


"Tutors were very friendly and knowledgeable, it's too soon to know if they had the positive impact on results we had hoped. When tutoring was in our house, communication was exceptional but could have been improved when remote to me as a parent. Once we started receiving reports they were often infrequent which made it hard to keep track of hours left. Overall though if you are looking for someone as a tutor I would definitely recommend Tutor Doctor.”

--Pete M

Dec 09, 2021


"Everything, Doug is great to deal with and work hard to deliver on mu requirements.”

--Fay S

Nov 18, 2021


"Easy to communicate with”

--Richelle S

Nov 11, 2021


"Very professional but also friendly. Seeing results in Ava's confidence and tests results thanks to our awesome tutor Shivesh. ”

--Leanne M

Oct 20, 2021


"My son has done really well with our tutor during lockdown, best ever investment towards his future.”

--Joslyn B

Oct 08, 2021


"The interview prior to commencing tutoring was great, it ensured the right tutor was selected for our son. Both the tuition and the tutor have had a profound effect on our sons results, so well that he has been accepted for early entry in Law at Macquarie University.”

--Vince S

Sep 27, 2021


"Our tutor Conner. He is punctual and professional and engages with the girls. We're very happy.”

--Claire G

Sep 24, 2021


"The tutors are committed to the students and families. Always on time and well prepared for the lesson. Kylie and Gareema are very good tutors, very professional. They encourage the kids to do their best. ”

--Katina Q

Sep 15, 2021


"Excellent tutors”

--Rheem S

Sep 12, 2021


"My son has really improved in his maths and is very happy with his Tutor. I would recommend this service to friends and others. ”

--Joslyn B

Sep 01, 2021


"Karen is knowledgeable, understanding and explains things in a way I can understand”

--Tiffany K

Sep 01, 2021


"I would definitely recommend you as my son is so happy with his tutor and i am so happy with the help she is giving my son.”

--Carmen V

Aug 23, 2021


"My son has started to enjoy learning again and now “gets it!”, which is fantastic.. his online tutor is very experienced and helpful, happy to explain techniques in other ways..”

--Heidi H

Aug 19, 2021


"Very professional and friendly service. Doug did a great job matching my children to their tutor. They absolutely love her and get sessions every week”

--Hayley B

Aug 18, 2021


"Professional, friendly and helpful. The tutor that was matched to our child has been a great fit.”

--Kylee P

Jun 23, 2021


"Our sons tutor is a very good match for him and we have seen a good improvement in grades since beginning with the program. ”

--Pete M

Jun 19, 2021