Read Tutor Doctor Sydney-North-Shore Reviews


"Friendly, communicate well, prompt and very helpful.”

--Kirrily S

May 07, 2020


"It's been an efficient and very beneficial start to our tutoring journey”

--Stacey A

May 06, 2020


"The matching of tutor to student”

--Karen H

Apr 23, 2020


"Reliable and helpful”

--Simon D

Apr 19, 2020


"Hugh assessed our needs and linked us up with a nice, skilled and local tutor.”

--Carolyn B

Apr 16, 2020


"Easy, professional. Tutors are very good”

--Jodie R

Apr 16, 2020


"Technology available to cater for all circumstances. Great tutors. Good communication from the owner.”

--Farin E

Apr 15, 2020


"The staff are very professional and respectful, while maintaining a knowledge base to help my son. In the short time he has been working with his tutor he has gone from NEVER picking up a book to read to reading every night before bed. It’s been a complete transformation. ”

--Pam T

Apr 09, 2020


"Convenient & flexible ”

--Nora L

Apr 05, 2020


"The fact that once you pay for a block you can use the service for more than one sibling and the ability to make appointments directly with the tutor. Essentially, the ease and flexibility of the system.”

--Andrea J

Mar 11, 2020


"Great screened and qualified tutors who aren't time watchers and care about the success of their student. Easy to deal with company.”

--Angelique R

Feb 19, 2020


"Good response times Professional and friendly Excellent tutoring”

--Natalie S

Feb 15, 2020


"I like my child Tutor’s way of teaching,her dedication and openness to new ideas”

--Kavita G

Feb 13, 2020


"Great tutors who give feedback each tutoring session. ”

--Juliette B

Feb 12, 2020


"The effort to match Isaac with 2 great mentors and tutors.”

--Amanda D

Feb 12, 2020


"The tutors are great and flexibility and ease of progressing each week is perfect ”

--Katharine D

Jan 29, 2020


"Committed great tutors and great management who respond quickly”

--Elise B

Dec 05, 2019


"Fast service and great quality tutors ”

--Cassandra C

Nov 29, 2019


"Attention to the child's needs as well as anticipating future academic skill set demands. Interest to "match" tutor with child. Post-lesson written reports to the parents provides useful and relevant information.”

--Sidney K

Nov 24, 2019


"Very organised and efficient lead by Hugh. ”

--Amanda F

Nov 14, 2019