Some of our latest reviews.

"You are the best !"

-- Adrian P

Dec 02, 2020

"I love the interview process, so that the best possible match is made between the tutor and the student. This is so very important. Our tutor is a great match for our child. I just hope that everyone gets the same experience that we are receiving from our tutor. She is diligent, multifaceted, organ..."

-- Tamara M

Dec 02, 2020

"The tutor my daughter has been paired with has been a huge help and i am impressed with my daughter's progress in school "

-- Stacey S

Dec 02, 2020

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"Owner came to meet us to assess best fit and time flexibility ”

--Natalie B

Dec 02, 2020


"Quality of tutor”

--Cheryl D

Nov 26, 2020


"The quality of the tutors”

--Claire R

Nov 25, 2020


"Flexibility. If a tutor isn’t a good fit, changes are made quickly. If there is an area that needs extra attention, attention is given. Scheduling is quite flexible, too, within reason. We highly recommend Tutor Doctor. ”

--Kari E

Nov 18, 2020


"Tiffany Johnson is an excellent tutor .. compassionate, caring and capable ”

--Anne-Lorraine M

Nov 18, 2020


"Things are figured out quickly by your tutors or by office staff when issues arise. A good tutor is found for me and my needs by your company and the biggest thing overall was the quote before I paid for my services that no other company I looked into had. What I needed, for how long I needed it and the best option(s) for me was given right away, there was not an "open-ended" email or pattern. ”

--Tyler M

Nov 11, 2020


"We have been privilege to work with excellent tutors.”

--Janet Z

Nov 06, 2020


"Flexible time and my son’s tutor is really excellent to clarify his doubts.”

--Sindhu S

Nov 04, 2020


"I would absolutely recommend tutor doctor to a friend.”

--Cheryl Y

Nov 01, 2020


"Very good instructors. ”

--Ebby E

Oct 29, 2020


"The dedication to satisfy customer needs.”

--Ana S

Oct 28, 2020


"Qualified tutors who come to the home”

--Chantelle/Brock B

Oct 28, 2020


"Our son, who has a learning disability in math, and has had many tutors over the years, has said that Mark is the best tutor he has ever had. His mark on his most recent math test (the first one since starting with Mark) was 1 and 1/2 times higher than his previous grades. Mark is the perfect fit for tutoring our son and we could not be more grateful!!!”

--Tammie O

Oct 28, 2020


"Strong process of alignment. ”

--Darryl S

Oct 28, 2020


"You meet the needs of each family differently ”

--Motunrayo A

Oct 28, 2020


"I like that its on my home. Out tutor makes great use of zoom & it's presentation abilities.”

--Katie B

Oct 28, 2020


"You really try to find the right fit for my child ”

--Monique D

Oct 28, 2020