Some of our latest reviews.

"The tutor assigned to my son is very responsible, always on time, and has been of great support for my son. Overall service has been really good."

-- Liz U

May 10, 2020

"I like how Jen carefully and clearly explains the topics she is teaching to my children. The fact that they look forward to her tutoring is a plus. I also like how flexible she is to accomodate any questions I have had asking for help with the main school work."

-- Dolapo B

May 06, 2020

"I like how fexible they are and very helpful"

-- Krista G

Apr 30, 2020

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"The tutors come to the house”

--Chantelle/Brock B

Apr 22, 2020


"Flexibility in schedule Home tutoring ”

--Ramandeep s

Apr 09, 2020


"Very dedicating and quality teacher”

--Mizue N

Apr 08, 2020


"Friendly and cooperative staff and talented tutors”

--Shabana A

Mar 11, 2020


"The tutor my daughter has is just awesome - you picked exactly the right tutor to match her needs and make her feel at ease. Thank you!”

--Donna P

Mar 11, 2020


"Very open and honest, listened to the requests I had in looking for a tutor for my daughter and found a perfect match!!!!”

--Kim M

Mar 11, 2020


"Great match for my daughters with their tutor. The tutor is very good at getting down to their level and being able to explain in a way ya that a youth their ages would comprehend and retain the information. We really like the convenience and timely visits. It’s been a great experience so far. ”

--Iva C

Mar 04, 2020


"Everything ”

--Mario M

Feb 27, 2020


"excellent service and good tutors!”

--Amit/Keren-Or G

Feb 26, 2020


"Brad is a fantastic tutor. My son looks forward to their sessions each week. ”

--Gwen Z

Feb 26, 2020


"super helpful, accomodating, and great tutors”

--Dan/Alana R

Feb 23, 2020


"Our son enjoys the one on one time that's focused on his learning”

--Dianna B

Feb 20, 2020


"Flexible times that work with our schedule and someone who comes to our home. ”

--Laura O

Feb 17, 2020


"Comes to our house”

--Kim D

Feb 17, 2020


"Chantal is amazing.”

--Traci A

Feb 06, 2020


"Very accommodating and understanding when we need to make a change to our routine. ”

--Carmen/Glenn D

Feb 06, 2020


"Service to your home and the tutors flexibility with scheduling.”

--Leanne S

Feb 05, 2020