Read Tutor Doctor Etobicoke Reviews


"Karishma is fantastic ”

--Alexander F

Jan 24, 2018


"Courteous and friendly assistance, flexible approach, and the ability to bank unused hours.”

--Ulana P

Jan 17, 2018


"customized to my student Tutors are very intelligent and helpful ”

--Cara L

Jan 17, 2018


"I like the fact that you find a tutor who was compatible wirh my daughter, someone she is comfortable wirh. Tasmie, my daylughter's tutor has been very patient with daughter as she is a slow learner.”

--Angella L

Jan 13, 2018


"Gave first preference for our choice, keep in touch regularly, asking for feedback all the time, tutor feedback gives clear update and very happy with the tutor. He’s really good.”

--K. S

Jan 13, 2018



--Krista M

Jan 06, 2018


"Heather C, our tutor, is fantastic. Tutor Doctor made it easy to arrange high quality tutoring for my children.”

--Janos P

Dec 22, 2017


"The tutor doctor is very professional and cares about its customer satisfaction.”

--Antonella R

Dec 14, 2017


"How quickly our son is learning.”

--Kelly M

Dec 14, 2017


"Consultations and support Professionalism of the tutor”

--Karlene P

Dec 04, 2017


"in-home service”

--Jo-Ann B

Dec 03, 2017


"Reliable and very accommodating and tutors care about their students”

--Diane S

Nov 29, 2017


"Highly professional team who works with parents and provide tutors that fits the kids need.”

--Prashant S

Nov 29, 2017


"Professional, friendly, great client service and they care”

--Jetush A

Nov 29, 2017


"I so appreciate that you have honoured your "Purchased Hours Never Expire" rule. With having reached out to Tutor Doctor for my daughter when she was in High School to her now in 3rd Year Univeristy and still being able to utilize the hours we had still unused is a great feeling. So professional and helpful - As a parent i am most grateful. Thank you Tutur Doctor.”

--Barb K

Nov 22, 2017


"Tasmin is very helpful with Harrison and vey accommodating. She understands his personally and they get along well”

--Christine D

Nov 13, 2017


"The flexibility in being able to change nights when needed ”

--Bill Y

Nov 08, 2017


"After the initial assessment, tutor doctor works to find a match with your child.”

--Crystal S

Nov 08, 2017


"Matching the tutor with the child's need. replying promptly to phone calls and emails. Followig up with the tutor performance. ”

--Rosane S

Oct 27, 2017


"Very Flexible, very versatile on teaching knowledge”

--Marleen E

Oct 26, 2017