Some of our latest reviews.

"Tutors are well matched and great that they come to your home."

-- Kristi S

Apr 17, 2024

"Your tutors have been very dedicated and flexible "

-- Shaun T

Apr 17, 2024

"She was great"

-- Lisa W

Apr 12, 2024

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"That my children are exceeding in thr subjects that mattered to our family and school That the tutor is flexible with our busy schedule That the tutor is super friendly and understanding with the kids Always finding ways to engage the kids”

--Dimple S

Apr 11, 2024


"Since Teanna started tutoring sessions, she improved in math and she is more confident in herself that she can do it. Qasim encourages her and is patient with her , and they get along well. One hour of session is just right for Teanna. ”

--Anka ^

Apr 10, 2024


"I appreciate the flexibility: at my own home during hours that work for my family, easy cancellation and communication policy, and making the effort to fit my child with a tutor who he likes. ”

--Karen L

Apr 10, 2024


"Daniel has been teaching my son writing & language arts for over one year. Daniel is very paitient with my son and how he teach is informative and creative. He tried to engage my son throuh the topics my son likes, for example, pirates, Pokemon, dragons etc. My son was confortable learning from Daniel. Over the year, my son's English grade has improved to "proficient" from "developing/emerging". We were very fortunate to have Daniel for my son's tutor. Thank you so much.”

--Kiyomi C

Apr 04, 2024


"Olivia, our son’s tutor is fantastic. ”

--Robert W

Apr 03, 2024


"We've been happy with their services for last few years. ”

--Naomi O

Apr 03, 2024


"The whole process from the consultation to finding a good tutor has been amazing. Our tutor Esther has been brilliant so far and we already see the changes in our son. His class teacher also acknowledged that he has become alot more confident. So we are very happy so far. Thank you.”

--Reem A

Apr 03, 2024


"Tutor doctor did a great job pairing Jacqueline with her tutor Kristen, and her personalized one on one tutoring has been so beneficial for Jacqueline and her learning, both in person and online platform. Kristen is an amazing and wonderful tutor for Jacqueline. She is very caring and kind hearted, patient, friendly, knowledgeable in all subjects she has tutored Jacqueline in, and she has an wonderful way of teaching and connecting with Jacqueline, so she feels comfortable, more confident, and understands the material she is learning, and as such is doing better in school. We adore Kristen for the wonderful person she is and the great tutor she is, and so thankful for everything she has helped Jacqueline with, and she is a wonderful part of our family! We are very happy Jacqueline was paired with Kristen! We would always highly recommend Kristen as an amazing and wonderful tutor! Thank you!”

--Liz T

Mar 26, 2024


"Well educated tutors, regular feedback, open communication and accessible platform. ”

--Harwinder S

Mar 16, 2024


"Prompt, courteous Office managers and well learned tutor. ”

--Shruti C

Mar 14, 2024


"We like our tutor and how she interacts with our child. ”

--Jill H

Mar 13, 2024


"The time you spend ensuring that the tutor is a good fit. ”

--Tara S

Mar 13, 2024


"Olivia S has been very helpful in building our son’s confidence in math studies. ”

--Robert W

Mar 13, 2024


"Jennifer is an amazing tutor who connects well with both of my kids (grade 9 & 11). We appreciate the one on one sessions that give priority to the child. Great communication with admin and every lesson we get a progress report on what was worked on along with where the struggles and successes are.”

--Ryan M

Mar 13, 2024


"It's great how Tutor Doctor can match a tutor, depending on my son's needs and that they come right to the house for one on one tutoring is fantastic!”

--Kristi S

Mar 13, 2024


"It's helped my daughter tremendously. Love how they check up on us and make sure everything's going good. Love the support from tutor”

--Krysta K

Mar 13, 2024



--Amen S

Mar 13, 2024