Some of our latest reviews.

"Owner is very helpful and goes above and beyond to help the student succeed"

-- Brenda C

Jul 20, 2020

"Lots of feedback, ease of scheduling sessions. "

-- Kelly N

Jul 15, 2020

"I like it because its effective.Its one on one and i liked that before the covid 19 the tutor came to the home."

-- Anne B

Jul 15, 2020

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"The Tutor Doctor has been a great experience, very accommodating. It took some time to get the right fit but all is good.”

--Kathy S

May 26, 2020


"Convenietly arranges tutors ”

--Stephen L

Apr 22, 2020


"Excellent tutors ”

--Ann K

Apr 15, 2020


"I appreciate that our son can contact the tutor anytime for questions . I appreciate that my sons interests were taken into consideration when matching him up with his tutor . ”

--Brenda C

Apr 09, 2020


"Professional with written updates and qualified teachers”

--Kristen C

Mar 15, 2020


"Great service...great people ”

--Ali F

Mar 11, 2020


"Flexibility of our instructor, price and reports after every session ”

--Francis C

Feb 26, 2020


"Good service to find the tutor for our needs ”

--Pon S

Feb 19, 2020


"One on one. Tutor on time and accommodating ”

--Tracy G

Jan 29, 2020


"Great communication ”

--Reese F

Dec 12, 2019


"Definitely helping my daughter feel more confident doing math! She is helping one of her friends too. Will definitely continue.”

--Suzanne W

Dec 12, 2019


"The online tutoring bramble ”

--Kathleen Z

Dec 04, 2019


"Personalized service. Assessment to determine things to work on. Adapted to the student. Great tutor. My daughter has progressed a lot. Thanks.”

--Francis C

Dec 03, 2019


"Savannah is a great match for our son and having her come to our house is so convenient!”

--Rhea L

Nov 20, 2019


"One on one sessions Reports An assessment of learning style”

--Tracy G

Nov 09, 2019


"Very organized, with updates on the tutor sessions, and tutor was very friendly and helpful. ”

--Crystal L

Oct 30, 2019


"Shelley was very professional and she made the process was easy during a stressful time. The tutor was very knowledgeable and beyond, and also very professional. ”

--Marie-Claude L

Oct 17, 2019