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--Barbara M

Oct 29, 2015


"The tutor comes to your home.”

--Caroline W

Oct 29, 2015


"Very efficient and good feedback process”


Oct 20, 2015


"Friendly and reliable”

--Dianne P

Oct 14, 2015


"How personable and individualized it is.”

--Lily P

Oct 08, 2015


"Personalized services. Quick response to concerns raised. Program is tailored well to child's needs.”


Sep 24, 2015


"Professional tutors, polite, organized; bright and focused on helping my son learn”

--Mike M

Sep 17, 2015


"Those at Tutor Doctor are very responsive to our needs. Anytime there has been a problem or a change needed, they've been so helpful and willing to take care of it best they can.”

--Robyn D

Jul 30, 2015


"Friendly and helpful, knew course material well.”

--Jenny J

Jun 19, 2015


"The first tutor we tried was very honest about statistics not being her strength. I appreciate that honesty and the 2nd tutor, John Wilson, has been a good fit and has been very helpful for our son.”

--Andrew B

Jun 04, 2015


"tutor comes home, they are very knowledgeable, very well matched with the student. we had several tutors and all of them had a very nice rapport with my son.”

--Ivana K

Jun 03, 2015


"I was very impressed with the quick service from Mahesh as well as his ability to find the perfect match for my son. We are very happy with the results.”

--Julie B

May 20, 2015


"I really appreciate the in home service and is the main reason why I considered the services offered by Tutor Doctor over other tutoring companies. Also, my son's instructor is very professional, knowledgeable and dependable. I'm very pleased with the service and results I have seen in my son's confidence to learn new concepts. Thanks Marcie”

--Marcie M

May 11, 2015


"I have had two tutors from your company. The first one was not the better choice for the need of my son subject. I complained and the tutor was replaced by an experience, responsible and skilled person.”

--Daniel S

May 01, 2015


"Umit was amazing!!!”

--Susan M

Apr 23, 2015



--Winston Z

Apr 22, 2015


"The tutor is superb. Filed reports are very helpful.”

--Rita S

Apr 15, 2015


"They were quick to get me a tutor. We have had a couple. They were all very good and knowledgeable. Service was excellent. We would definitely use them again.”

--Beth F

Mar 12, 2015


"I love my Tutor , she is very polite and well organized. She's sure to keep update with me and my academic needs., going out of her way to bring me content that will give a better understanding of what Iam doing in my classes. I recommend Caroline she's wonderful !”

--Letizia D

Feb 18, 2015


"I like how the tutors are determined to find the needs of your child which is fantastic.”

--Claudette C

Feb 13, 2015