Some of our latest reviews.

"Great response time, very helpful academically "

-- Marcia R

Apr 27, 2023

"Tutor comes to the home. Tutor is flexible with hours and subjects. Update is helpful also"

-- Louise P

Oct 05, 2022

"Personalized tutor for each student"

-- Mustafa E

Mar 27, 2022

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"Good communication and flexible service delivery”

--Patrick Y

Feb 25, 2022


"Any subject, any time, Tutor Doctor to the rescue! Flexible scheduling with Reliable & knowledgeable staff makes a great combo for all our study requirements. We highly recommend this service for any family struggling to keep up with these inconsistent times. ”

--Lisa M

Feb 09, 2022


"Emails are answered promptly by Alex. The Teacher is great for our International student. Look forward to reading the teacher's remarks about each class, twice a week, which I forward to her parents. Our student is improving in her English and speaking. It just takes time. The teacher assists our student with her homework and questions she does not understand. After a year of Tutor Dr. assistance, our student will be more proficient in all areas of her high school life. This will make her parents proud. Living away from China and studying in Canada is a life-changing time for any child. ”

--Sharlene L

Nov 14, 2021


"Service quality you can trust. IMMEDIATE RESULTS!!! They speak for themselves. ”

--Lisa M

Nov 11, 2021


"The punctuality The kindness The patiencr”

--Rebecca J

Nov 03, 2021


"Excellent tutors, responsive to the needs of the students. If you kids need help or just need to do better, Tutor Doctor is your answer.”

--Theresa R

Oct 06, 2021


"Every tutor was awesome And they quickly found me a tutor”

--Kim C

Sep 09, 2021


"Success with real results!There is no false promise made here. Time and money well spent. ”

--Lisa M

Sep 09, 2021


"Quality tutor Professional ”

--Christine C

Jun 23, 2021


"The tutor is working with only one student at a time. The learning is more personal and geared to what the student needs help with.”

--Dennis K

Mar 18, 2021


"The system is very personalized to fit the needs of the student.”

--Dennis K

Dec 16, 2020


"Very flexible in terms of scheduling. ”

--Natalie H

Dec 09, 2020


"Flexible hours, home visits, positive tutor experiences so far”

--Julianna C

Oct 21, 2020


"I am very content with our tutor. She has assisted my daughter from grade 12 through to first year University engineering and she could not have done it without her help. In the midst of this pandemic and minimal benefit from online instruction from the University, our tutor has been there to help make sense of a very difficult course load. ”

--Carla M

Oct 15, 2020


"The Tutor program works. Our International student has improved his English language skills as well as other subjects. Everyone is very co-operative. The teacher is excellent and has a great rapore with our student. I feel for some parents it may be a bit expensive but not for all. Highly recommended. ”

--Sharlene L

Aug 20, 2020


"Home visits, attentive and available tutors”

--Theresa R

Jul 17, 2020


"Very efficient - Always on time - Tutor teacher understanding, very likable, efficient, goes above and beyond to assist the student. Reports well written with an explanation after each session. Accommodating to student and home stay needs. ”

--Sharlene L

May 13, 2020