Some of our latest reviews.

"Costumer service is great!"

-- Blanca P

Dec 03, 2020

"Caring tutors. "

-- Jodi H

Dec 02, 2020

"My daughter gets excited for her sessions every week. "

-- Andrea K

Nov 27, 2020

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"I like the idea that it is a one on one service , which is more effect than a classroom . The teachers ( Lindsey and Phil ) are great with Cartar . I am happy they do come to the house , so he can focus better on his work . I am pleased and I think it is making a good impact on his schooling . Yes I would recommend Tutor Doctor to other people . ”

--Lynn H

Nov 19, 2020


"Everything! The online learning is working out great, and our tutor Megan is fantastic. She is able to teach the math concepts in a way my daughter understands. We have so many tips and tricks to making math easier thanks to Megan!”

--Lindsey R

Nov 18, 2020


"The ease/safety of learning from your own home, especially during a pandemic. ”

--Jennifer K

Nov 13, 2020


"My grandson is showing so much progress and confidence in his school work! When I have given him a chance to miss a session he turns it down. He enjoys his tutoring!”

--Doug P

Nov 11, 2020


"I like that Natalie our tutor is professional and friendly.”

--Nnenna E

Oct 28, 2020


"I can rely on our tutor and she is extremely patient and helpful with our son. (And knowledgeable)”

--Lynda K

Oct 28, 2020


"The tutor (Abbey Bulloch) is very patient and receptive to our daughter’s particular needs. Abbey has developed a working rapport with our daughter, and constantly finds very novel ways of making learning fun and interesting for our daughter. This is very much appreciated!”

--Andrew B

Oct 28, 2020


"Accurate time Good teachers”

--Mona E

Oct 28, 2020


"My tutor is awesome. Very patient and friendly. Overall service is great ”

--Kemisha A

Oct 22, 2020


"I like the tutors commitment and excitement about teaching”

--Christina D

Oct 21, 2020


"You take the time to match the tutor that best fits the needs of the learner. ”

--Seta H

Oct 21, 2020


"My daughter likes Both of her tutors and how they are able breakdown her homework for her to ease understanding ”

--Flora D

Oct 19, 2020


"Excellent tutor currently”

--Diane W

Oct 15, 2020


"Our tutor is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

--Steven D

Oct 14, 2020


"The fact that the teacher comes home to the student, quality of lessons taught, finding a good match for the student and all time support from the office. ”

--Todimu A

Oct 08, 2020


"Flexibility and get one one learning ”

--Kate M

Oct 08, 2020


"Prompt service and set-up with a tutor, regular feedback from administrators about progress.”

--Melanie& M

Oct 07, 2020