Some of our latest reviews.

"The flexibility has been great! Our tutor has been wonderful and our daughter loves her :)"

-- Amanda F

Jan 11, 2023

"Our tutor is amazing and my son is getting better understanding of the subject "

-- Marcia S

Dec 28, 2022

"The service is working out very well for us. The tutor is a great match and is making a big difference at school. "

-- Jo J

Dec 10, 2022

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"Seamless process. ”

--Lisa B

Dec 09, 2022


"My first meeting with Richy was what won me over. His passion for learning and education and future planning was contagious. It made my daughter excited to get started and see where she could go. ”

--Jill W

Dec 09, 2022


"Amazing, great support, very personalized, have already seen amazing results. Love Theresa”

--Olga M

Nov 09, 2022


"To date, my son is working well with his tutor and they are making progress. Tom is a wonderful and patient tutor. We are very happy with how everything is going thus far. ”

--Sarah A

Oct 12, 2022


"Open communication, reporting, support outside of the tutor if required.”

--Lisa M

Aug 10, 2022


"They are in person at our home and writing not computer based so kids practice their printing and neatness on top of the subject matter”

--Nancy H

Aug 04, 2022



--Phyllis F

Aug 03, 2022


"Flexibility and matching of tutor ”

--Isabel R

Jul 27, 2022


"The matching of the tutor to the child”

--Beckie L

Jul 20, 2022


"Our tutor is the best”

--Lynda C

Jul 20, 2022


"Good quality”

--Sofia W

Jul 20, 2022


"I like that the service is one on one and the tutor comes to my home. You also work with families to suit their schedules and availability. ”

--Catherine H

Jul 13, 2022


"Flexibility, excellence, matching tutor with student ”

--Jennifer C

Jul 06, 2022


"Always help available if I have a question and ongoing support throughout our time with tutor doctor ”

--Tammy B

Jun 29, 2022


"Knowledge of the material. Perfect match between tutor and my daughter. Punctual. Great communication. Flexible. ”

--Carolyn W

Jun 29, 2022


"responsive, efficient and effective”

--Krystyna H

Jun 27, 2022


"Excellent ”

--Francis O

Jun 24, 2022