Read Tutor Doctor Markham Reviews


"Tutor matching. Perfect fit!”

--Alexandra C

Dec 11, 2019


"We are very happy with our tutor. A total professional. ”

--Angela F

Nov 18, 2019


"Flexibility ”

--Evelyn S

Nov 10, 2019


"It’s convenient and the one on one tutoring ”

--Jennifer G

Oct 30, 2019


"Frank is an amazing tutor. My daughter is very happy with his performance as a tutor for both biology and chemistry.”

--Yvonne L

Oct 30, 2019


"Tutor was carefully chosen to match our needs. One-on-one, quiet and calm. Tutor cares about learning.”

--Dave B

Oct 16, 2019


"Home service.”

--Eleanor A

Oct 16, 2019


"The tutors are friendly and very helpful. They take the time to understand our children and their learning styles then adapt. Very impressed so far. ”

--Dan C

Oct 16, 2019


"Caring tutors”

--Anna T

Jul 31, 2019


"I like the commitment of our tutor, having someone come into your home is convenient and I found the progress reports a nice added value.”

--Connie B

Jun 19, 2019


"One to one tutoring at home.”

--Eleanor A

Jun 12, 2019


"Friendly and helpful ”

--Anita A

May 19, 2019


"-one on one tutoring -reliable -friendly -results oriented ”

--Patricia P

May 01, 2019


"Tutor is awesome! Very helpful, patient and friendly ”

--Christine T

May 01, 2019


"I like that you come to my house and fit within our schedule. And I like the 1-1 ratio. ”

--Beth S

Apr 24, 2019


"I like the fact that you located a tutor well-suited to working with both my boys. It is convenient and has significantly reduced the homework stress!”

--Carrie D

Apr 10, 2019


"One on one personal instruction and personalized response to student’s needs.”

--Andrea P

Mar 27, 2019



--Nirosha F

Mar 07, 2019


"Home tutoring.”

--Eleanor A

Feb 27, 2019


"How quickly you can find a Tudor for me at time of need. ”

--Sophia S

Feb 14, 2019