Read Tutor Doctor Nanaimo-Victoria Reviews


"The staff are very qualified and well matched. Their approach helps reduce the anxiety around learning”

--Sheila F

Apr 26, 2019


"availability and very knowledge tutor”

--Cristen D

Apr 17, 2019


"Professional, prompt accommodating, sincere. ”

--Chris M

Apr 17, 2019


"The tutor, Shauna, is a GREAT fit with the student. Tutor Doctor dealt with all the paperwork from our school. I really like getting reports for every tutoring session.”

--Heidi K

Apr 15, 2019


"I like that the tutor comes to the house, is able to help my son with any homework he has for the day!! and will challenge him.”

--Josie C

Apr 02, 2019


"Quick to respond to questions, friendly, polite, eager to please and work with you to achieve the best tutoring experience possible.”

--Debbie B

Mar 11, 2019


"In home visits. Tutors have been well suited to our child. ”

--David Y

Mar 06, 2019


"Convenient Flexible Staff are knowledgeable ”

--Tina R

Feb 18, 2019


"Trent was very helpful polite and knowledgeable ”

--Brad S

Feb 06, 2019


"Reliable and effective tutoring !”

--Jane T

Jan 24, 2019


"Stefen always answers phone calls and email promptly. He has always been quick to resolve issues when they arise. He worked very hard to find us a Tutor that fit my children. The tutor works around our schedule and is always courteous.”

--Andrea R

Jan 23, 2019


"We liked the professionalism and the ability to be flexible”

--Kathi A

Jan 17, 2019


"subject matter knowledge, flexibility, quality of tutor”

--Cristen D

Jan 03, 2019


"Professionalism, timely response and fit 9f instructor with student.”

--Melina K

Dec 19, 2018


"In home tutoring along with regular written updates. Good feedback from tutor.”

--David Y

Dec 06, 2018


"I am very pleased that there are many tutors available and that the tutor comes to our house.”

--Lana G

Dec 06, 2018


"Our tutor, Shawna is fantastic. We could not be happier with her!”

--Stephanie P

Nov 28, 2018


"Excellent ongoing communication with, and support by tutor for my child. Professional and courteous communication with knowledgeable manager.”

--James N

Nov 16, 2018


"Very professional ”

--Joanne H

Nov 16, 2018


"The services are personal and personalized. Work does not feel like it is coming from a "book". Conversations had with Stefan or Maureen are sincere and the genuine care for my children's educational future is there. ”

--Andrea R

Nov 02, 2018