Read Tutor Doctor North-Toronto Reviews


"That your child is matched with a tutor that suits their needs and will get along with.”

--Rosa T

Feb 17, 2022


"They were always pleasant, quick to respond and send someone over”

--Grace C

Feb 10, 2022


"We had a great tutor! She was very supportive of our daughter and was flexible with our schedule. Our daughter’s grade and confidence improved.”

--Laura L

Feb 02, 2022


"Friendly and on point.”

--Rita A

Feb 02, 2022


"Your service is fair, timely and flexible. ”

--Marisa D

Feb 02, 2022


"Professional and competent”

--Emily G

Jan 19, 2022


"You listen to the needs to the child”

--Mitali D

Jan 05, 2022


"Our son's tutor, Stephanie, is awesome! Stephanie is consistently professional, friendly, knowledgable and always helpful. She easily built a solid relationship with our son and continues to maintain that - his time with her is very well spent and he learns so much from her. She is also flexible with her times when we need to change due to unexpected events. She is like a member of the family and we don't know what we would do without her. ”

--Carol P

Dec 30, 2021


"Good knowledgable people. My son is very happy with the work done. Price could be a bit better!”

--Aldea C

Dec 10, 2021


"We have a great tutor. Great introduction process ”

--Grace K

Nov 22, 2021


"good teaching”

--Gaura M

Nov 20, 2021


"Flexible timing and that we are sent reports after every session ”

--Laura L

Nov 03, 2021


"Able to find a tutor who meets our needs”

--Elaine C

Oct 31, 2021


"they are in home and professional ”

--Trisha D

Oct 28, 2021


"The tutors are patient and knowledgeable. Willing to take their time and explain with examples and provide positive encouragement to students. ”

--Jineane G

Oct 27, 2021


"Great Tutors and great customer service”

--Brian S

Oct 20, 2021


"Helpful ”

--Janos P

Oct 20, 2021


"The team has been very responsive to our questions and concerns and have been diligent in helping to respond to concerns.”

--Nicci C

Oct 17, 2021


"Young and smart teachers .. very responsible and answer my questions so fast without any issues and delays Very easy and friendly people working with our kids .brilliant ideas coming from your stuff how to motivate kids to do their homework.very happy ”

--Larysa D

Oct 14, 2021


"You are always able to accommodate our requests and needs. Your tutors are very knowledgable.”

--Katy F

Oct 13, 2021