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"Margot is fantastic! ”

--Jesi R

Oct 21, 2021


"Our tutor Baldwin is exceptional and Samantha is very helpful when I need her support”

--Rino M

Oct 14, 2021


"Because yes”

--Xue Z

Oct 13, 2021


"Friendly and rapid service and response.”

--Miho K

Oct 08, 2021



--Kavneet S

Sep 15, 2021


"That my son is happy and learning from Joshua. And he is always on time . And that my son will be ready for grade 10 in September ”

--Clarissa +

Aug 19, 2021


"Everything ”

--Rino M

Jun 30, 2021


"They help my son improve ”

--Matthew +

May 23, 2021


"Tutor goes to our home which is very convenient on our part. We don't have to go out. ”

--Marichu +

May 06, 2021


"Getting back to us quickly. Your professionalism”

--Laura L

May 06, 2021


"As we live in a small town we are able to virtually connect with our Tutor who lives in another area. If we were to find a local tutor we would be placed on a waiting list. ”

--Rosemarie +

Apr 22, 2021



--Samantha Z

Apr 22, 2021


"I like that the tutor is willing to come to our home for sessions and they are very well educated.”

--Jennifer +

Apr 21, 2021


"Thank you for trying to find the best teacher. ”

--Ji K

Apr 09, 2021


"Although the first tutor you recommended did not work, the second one was just perfect. Aside from being a lovely person and always arriving on time, she has been able to keep my daughter interested in the subjects during the whole session, and wanting more. ”

--Anelize A

Apr 09, 2021


"My son seems to be enjoying it so it’s not a battle to get him to do it. ”

--Tanya C

Mar 24, 2021


"At-home tutoring by tutors highly experienced in their topics”

--Gillian G

Feb 21, 2021


"There is timely feedback on each session. Professionally run with platforms to accommodate learning on line. ”

--Michelle L

Feb 10, 2021


"My family really like tutor Maya. I appreciate that she is able to see my son in home. I also like that she works on other things like organization, essay writing, grammar punctuation with my son when he has no homework to complete.”

--Jennifer +

Feb 05, 2021


"Flexible and convenient. Able to work remotely during Covid Quarantine”

--Peter D

Feb 03, 2021