South Edmonton Sherwood Park
Some of our latest reviews.

"Efficient and responsive. Good match of tutor to my son. "

-- Sheela V

May 23, 2022

"quick response to getting required tutors for my kid"

-- Funmi O

May 12, 2022

"Tutors and staff."

-- Ingrid L

Apr 27, 2022

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"Great service and they spend the time to find you the right Tutor ”

--Sameh E

Apr 20, 2022


"The tutoring has been very helpful and Alisha seems really good, but I only would recommend if asked. ”

--Shannon A

Apr 13, 2022


"Neil has been fantastic with carter couldn’t ask for better support ”

--Dayna D

Mar 23, 2022


"Best and helpful service but very expensive ”

--Asterie H

Mar 16, 2022


"The ease of finding a good tutor”

--Shelley C

Feb 23, 2022


"The session are customized to meet the need of the client and the tutor provides feedback on what is covered as well as extra practice. I see my child confident again and as a parent I know that I did something right by choosing your service. ”

--Keisha W

Feb 03, 2022


"The fact that you guys take time to find out that needs of the students and work with them in the area that they need the help.”

--Rickordo E

Jan 26, 2022


"We have had some anazing tutors.”

--Ingrid L

Jan 24, 2022


"Easy to communicate, professional!”

--Jana C

Jan 14, 2022


"Personalized. Tutor Doctor knows the curriculum. I’m home tutoring. Of course our awesome tutor.”

--Tammy M

Dec 31, 2021


"My daughter likes her tutor. Easy rot book - you found a good match”

--Monica m

Dec 26, 2021


"Tutors are very knowledgeable and adapt to student's learning style, pace accordingly. They have been helpful in helping us keep up with the school delivery schedule.”

--Louise B

Dec 22, 2021


"Neil has been fantastic ”

--Dayna D

Dec 15, 2021


"I love that the tutors come to your home”

--Jennifer M

Dec 02, 2021


"Tejal works hard to find a perfect match- even switching tutors if necessary. Calls are always returned promptly, tutor is excellent and reliable. Price is reasonable for this excellent service.”

--Jacqueline W

Dec 01, 2021


"Flexibility and ability to change lessons based on the needs of the child. ”

--Mavis O

Dec 01, 2021


"I like that the services are online and scheduling is adaptable to the clients wants. Learning can be difficult due to where we lives/our home routine or work routine. This service suits me quite well! ”

--Tamara R

Nov 18, 2021