Read Tutor Doctor Southwest-Edmonton Reviews


"We have a great math tutor for our daughter. The tutor is making a difference her math success. ”

--Michele S

May 25, 2019


"Peter Hares is very friendly and takes care of all our request promptly. My son has improved in Maths at school and his grades are up now.”

--Ibijuwon O

May 23, 2019


"I like that there is a formal process yet it is still flexible. The model has worked well for us.”

--Krystal A

May 13, 2019


"The tutor is flexible in scheduling and comes to the house.”

--Rachelle O

May 11, 2019


"The one-on-one tutoring that is specific to the needs of my child”

--Linda D

Apr 27, 2019


"Consistency of tutor over several years. That if something is not right, you will find someone else. ”

--Marnita S

Apr 24, 2019


"Easy to arrange, flexible ”

--Liam M

Apr 17, 2019


"Prompt, reliable. ”

--Jennifer T

Apr 05, 2019


"Very helpful!”

--Robin C

Apr 04, 2019


"Respect time ”

--Hussein M

Apr 04, 2019


"Our tutor is excellent. ”

--Melanie L

Apr 03, 2019


"Flexibility in scheduling, competent instructor and reports after each session”

--Yannis F

Mar 21, 2019


"Umar is an amazing tutor. He is knowledgeable, patient, and kind. He explains Calculus in a straightforward and easy manner which is a difficult task. We are very grateful that we have found Umar to teach Calculus to our son.”

--Karey H

Mar 21, 2019


"Easy to work with. A great tutor was found in a very brief period of time.”

--Steve E

Mar 20, 2019


"The punctuality of the tutor and his method of teaching my kids they really enjoyed it”

--Hager A

Mar 13, 2019


"Students are well matched with their tutor and the learning approach is very relaxed and stress free.”

--Yvonne Y

Mar 13, 2019


"I liked how responsive the program was to changes and of course the tutor ”

--Lorraine M

Mar 06, 2019


"It is great to have a tutor come to your home. We have had some flexibility with the scheduling, which is very helpful. The tutor we have is very good and our daughters have done very well with her. Our daughter in gr. 10 has gotten 90s in math. There are some concepts she struggled with and Faith helped her immensely.”

--Michelle W

Feb 06, 2019


"We have seen a huge improvement in our daughter's confidence in the subject and she has been able to bring her average up 6%!”

--Lynsay M

Feb 04, 2019


"Convenient, well organized. Great tutor, Kelsey.”

--Randeen K

Jan 30, 2019