Some of our latest reviews.

"Our tutor is super friendly and is great with our son. They work very well together. The program is awesome as it helps these poor kids that fell behind with Covid and with learning disabilities. "

-- Lianne R

Jan 25, 2023

"Very responsive..... and keep you up to date on all that is going on. Great feedback"

-- Angele B

Jan 18, 2023

"Marie-Josee is an amazing tutor who is very passionate and excellent with students. My daughter is always eager to go to her lessons."

-- Natalie P

Jan 11, 2023

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"The tutor was able to build a rapport and engage my child in a short amount of time.”

--Lori L

Jan 04, 2023


"Helping my daughters”

--Edward B

Dec 22, 2022


"Everything! Amazing service for my kids”

--Tara P

Dec 21, 2022


"Very warm and friendly reliable and always on time . My child has a great relationship with her tutor and looks forward to her sessions . She has come a long way since she started her sessions in March 2022 ”

--Melissa O

Dec 21, 2022


"Our tutor, Stephanie.”

--Allison S

Dec 21, 2022


"My daughter's tutor is doing everything she can to help my daughter succeed. ”

--Alaina L

Dec 21, 2022


"User friendly for online tutoring. Great tutor too! ”

--Sophie A

Dec 21, 2022


"Organized. Active learning.”

--Lucie S

Dec 14, 2022


"It was accessible and our tutor is fantastic!”

--Christine L

Dec 13, 2022


"Very convenient and easy to use, everyone is extremely friendly and helpful!”

--Lauren J

Dec 09, 2022


"Very professional, organized and focused on the student’s learning needs ”

--Maia O

Nov 03, 2022


"My girls absolutely love Mondays as Hailey their tutor is so super awesome and has made them both like learning again. Thank you so much for doing a great job! ”

--Melanie L

Nov 02, 2022


"Very convenient for the parents and the students ”

--Melanie H

Nov 02, 2022


"Flexibility, tutor is great, ”

--Hilary G

Aug 31, 2022


"Professional, organized, caring tutors! ”

--Suzanne D

Aug 03, 2022


"Everything and France is amazing ”

--Julie R

Jul 15, 2022


"I like how personable my daughter tutor is. My daughter wants to go to her lessons. I also like the reports you get after each lesson.”

--Rhonda B

Jun 23, 2022