Some of our latest reviews.

"The care that goes into matching students with the proper tutor, the friendly staff and overall great communication"

-- Jasmine H

Oct 27, 2021

"Your personalized and committed approach "

-- Daniela F

Oct 27, 2021

"Responsive Student needs centred Excellent tutors "

-- Jo-Anne C

Oct 07, 2021

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"Tailored to our needs. Excellent tutor!”

--Marion M

Aug 18, 2021


"Great Tutors and flexible with working around schedules”

--Kevin T

Jun 17, 2021


"I really enjoy the follow up and individualized attention. ”

--Jennifer B

Jun 02, 2021


"quick access, efficient, willing to work with child and find a good match”

--Linda R

Jun 02, 2021


"You folks are very easy to reach, and extremely flexible in creating solutions to fit our needs.”

--Kirk D

May 19, 2021


"Extremely flexible and my kids enjoy it.”

--Tamara C

May 19, 2021


"The quality of the Instructor has been fantastic. I appreciated the time taken to find an instructor that would best match my childs personality and learning support needs.”

--Helen F

May 05, 2021


"Naomi is amazing with Shaden. she works with his energy and keeps his attention for the entire hour.”

--Aneta B

Apr 27, 2021


"The professional, determined, persistent effort to match student, subject and tutor together to achieve the best results possible!! ”

--Darryl P

Apr 21, 2021


"Instructor was excellent. My daughter really enjoyed her lesson !”

--Linda E

Apr 15, 2021


"Personal and tailored to my child.”

--Mary W

Apr 08, 2021


"Dakota has learned to read”

--Lynda S

Apr 07, 2021


"The ease the tutors ”

--Victoria A

Apr 07, 2021


"Personalized and tailored to the child.”

--Mary W

Mar 31, 2021


"Friendly, accommodating if we need to change or need last minute support, knowledgeable in the areas of study my son needed and most importantly helped my son find someone else in another subject when the need suddenly arose. ”

--Natalie M

Mar 25, 2021


"Quick and timely replies and responses Well-matched and friendly tutors Improved confidence and grades in my child!”

--Jillian S

Mar 24, 2021


"Great communication and flexibility”

--Dawn R

Mar 03, 2021