Some of our latest reviews.

"The tutor matched with my foster daughters is fantastic and has contributed to significant improvements/learning over the year that she has been tutoring them. She has also been very flexible which has been greatly appreciated as our life is pretty hectic and scheduling can be a challenge. Overal..."

-- Angela T

Sep 24, 2023

"Great tutors and really responsive as a whole to requests and support needs. Flexible hours and an awesome team! "

-- Alicia G

Sep 06, 2023

"Flexible and engaging. Ability to adjust to various learning styles"

-- Catherine W

Jun 01, 2023

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"Notre tuteur est francophone (superbe!) très connaissant de la matière, patient, travaille à un rythme/vitesse adéquate et semble vraiment se sentir bien avec son emploi.”

--Nathalie L

May 24, 2023


"Great customer service and tutor. ”

--Sumitta T

May 17, 2023


"Very friendly, polite and understanding. Great service and matching the right tutor with my child. Great communication and very prompt. ”

--Sue Z

May 04, 2023


"Excellent tutors!”

--Maria D

May 03, 2023


"Very caring to find the right tutor for my child. They want success, and will work together to achieve that! Very professional and kind! ”

--Trudy B

May 03, 2023


"Our tutor is fantastic and has helped my daughter immensely. ”

--Laurie W

May 03, 2023


"Suits child’s needs, frequent checking, great tutors.”

--Cathy P

Feb 04, 2023


"Our tutor is super friendly and is great with our son. They work very well together. The program is awesome as it helps these poor kids that fell behind with Covid and with learning disabilities. ”

--Lianne R

Jan 25, 2023


"Very responsive..... and keep you up to date on all that is going on. Great feedback”

--Angele B

Jan 18, 2023


"Marie-Josee is an amazing tutor who is very passionate and excellent with students. My daughter is always eager to go to her lessons.”

--Natalie P

Jan 11, 2023


"The tutor was able to build a rapport and engage my child in a short amount of time.”

--Lori L

Jan 04, 2023


"Helping my daughters”

--Edward B

Dec 22, 2022


"Everything! Amazing service for my kids”

--Tara P

Dec 21, 2022


"Very warm and friendly reliable and always on time . My child has a great relationship with her tutor and looks forward to her sessions . She has come a long way since she started her sessions in March 2022 ”

--Melissa O

Dec 21, 2022


"Our tutor, Stephanie.”

--Allison S

Dec 21, 2022


"My daughter's tutor is doing everything she can to help my daughter succeed. ”

--Alaina L

Dec 21, 2022


"User friendly for online tutoring. Great tutor too! ”

--Sophie A

Dec 21, 2022