Some of our latest reviews.

"Commitment and professional "

-- Tara C

Dec 02, 2020

"Very responsive to emails and requests, going above and beyond (that is our experience with the one tutor we have had so far - making flashcards, sample tests, etc), very reasonable price point."

-- Seana M

Nov 29, 2020

"People are extremely helpful, friendly and accommodating. They understand how to best service their customers, they are flexible to identify the individual needs of the students. This was huge for us. It sets them apart from competitors. "

-- Tracy M

Nov 18, 2020

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"I liked that we were able to speak to someone about our needs and our daughter was matched with a tutor that would meet those needs”

--Carol Z

Nov 14, 2020


"Tutor Doctor helped me find a tutor very efficiently and was very understanding and kind when I was looking for a potential tutor. ”

--Julia C

Nov 04, 2020


"Amanda Visaya has tutored 3 of my children and is so patient and down-to-earth - something that my children respond well to!”

--Irene C

Oct 29, 2020


"Matching the student with the tutor is done so well. My daughter has a amazing tutor. ”

--Heather K

Oct 28, 2020


"Easy to talk to. Feel supported. Staff are friendly and are very good with the kids”

--Patty G

Oct 26, 2020


"Commitment to assisting my Daughter. We have a great Tutor, who connects well with students. Caring and ready to help. We are grateful to have Rodrigo. Blessings ❤️”

--Francoise M

Oct 22, 2020


"Willing to work to find the right person - which is great because the connection needs to be there for tutoring to work. ”

--Mary B

Oct 14, 2020


"Very organized. My daughters loved their tutor.”

--Leah W

Sep 18, 2020


"Anirudh our tutor is excellent. Tutor Doctor provides excellent updates, communications and prompt response to any questions.”

--Deb G

Sep 16, 2020


"Half hour service in virtual works well with my child.”

--Mari S

Aug 31, 2020


"Arrangement for a Tutor can be set up quickly, Tutors are reliable and is connected with your child quickly & within a couple of sessions you start observing improvement in your child's education ”

--Livon B

Aug 13, 2020


"You really find great matches! ”

--Anasofia F

Aug 05, 2020


"Akhil is a patient and positive teacher and I have appreciated his help ”

--Oliver H

Jul 29, 2020



--Genet L

Jul 22, 2020


"Professional ”

--Lina A

Jul 22, 2020


"I love it that you are THERE. That you CARE, I love it that you take the time to help us think things through. I love it that you don't judge you just want to help. Thankyou I cannot lose you Diane Dupuy”

--Diane D

Jul 14, 2020


"Excellent tutor Andirudh Mally. Very good level of communication. Interesting articles.”

--Deb G

May 21, 2020