Some of our latest reviews.

"We are very pleased from the service. very professional and the report summary for every lession is great. Yair has improved a lot"

-- Moshe S

Dec 09, 2022

"Supportive and helpful. Thank you!!"

-- Andrea J

Nov 02, 2022

"Prompt responses to questions and concerns and the quality of the tutors "

-- Shaun T

Oct 27, 2022

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"Everything was so easy - love the personal attention and commitment to finding the right fit for our child. ”

--Jasmine B

Oct 12, 2022


"I liked that you actually met with us at the start of the process of finding a good fit for tutoring. Naeemah is reliable and has found the right pacing for Gabe. They seems to work well together. The billing has been fair and the whole process has been professionally managed.”

--Jillian S

Sep 29, 2022


"I like the services I learn a lot ”

--Raul R

Sep 15, 2022


"Great support and detailed reports ”

--Cindy P

Aug 03, 2022


"Accountability ”

--Lynette S

Jun 24, 2022


"Our daughter had Roy Sun as a tutor this year and he was fantastic. I like that he was able to work via Zoom directly from her notes”

--Catherine W

Jun 23, 2022


"My kids’ tutor is going beyond just reading and writing. She is teaching my kids good learning and organizational techniques so they have the skills to manage themselves.”

--Kim M

Apr 14, 2022


"The best part is that you have a tutor coordinator that works with you to ensure the optimal experience for each child’s individual needs ”

--Leo S

Mar 23, 2022


"Grace, my daughters Toutor is very knowledgeable, pleasant and patient. She has been great about and flexible with covering diverse study material. Communication between client and Toutor is direct. ”

--Sharon B

Mar 23, 2022


"Great commitment and communication with our tutor Roy and the company in general”

--Dawn P

Mar 09, 2022


"prompt, friendly, flexible”

--Peter D

Feb 18, 2022


"Nancy is so helpful and really went the extra mile for us with our most recent request which we so appreciated. All the tutors that our daughter has had with Tutor Doctor have been terrific!”

--Louisa T

Feb 16, 2022


"Megan is great. Hope really like her. ”

--Sherry K

Feb 03, 2022


"Great effort to find the right tutor to compliment both the student learning style and academic needs”

--Erica P

Dec 30, 2021


"Professional, and courteous. Tutors are highly capable and well-matched to students. ”

--Christina L

Dec 01, 2021


"Convenience and the professionalism and care of the tutors. ”

--Henia N

Nov 17, 2021


"Well organized, prompt availability of tutors who seem to know what they are doing!”

--Liz H

Nov 15, 2021