Some of our latest reviews.

"Friendly. Patient. Efficient. Nice to have feedback. "

-- Susan P

Oct 09, 2020

" Very helpful for many subjects like science"

-- Anwaar Z

Mar 13, 2020

"Lee our French tutor is excellent. Richard is very professional and easy to deal with"

-- Tim R

Feb 16, 2020

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"All the tutors are assessed so you can be confident that they know what they are doing. I also like the flexibility, they are all very easy to work with. ”

--Julia E

Jan 22, 2020


"Good communication, personal & adaptable to your needs would thoroughly recommend!! ”

--Ruth H

Nov 20, 2019


"Commenting mainly on Lee, as we have been seeing her for a while - very professional, extremely pleasant and engaging with my son”

--Tim R

Nov 15, 2019


"One to one specific support.”

--Juliana E

Oct 24, 2019


"The flexibility, good tutors, and support. ”

--Julia E

Oct 24, 2019


"Personal approach. Prompt response to requests for assistance.”

--Alison W

Oct 24, 2019


"The two tutors we have been referred too have been excellent. Reliable, both teenagers have engaged well. Both have been organised, provide feedback as requested ”

--Andrea M

Oct 16, 2019


"Tutor is very good, very engaging”

--Tim R

Jul 03, 2019


"The best decision we made to get a tutor for our son!!! His tutor is wonderful!!”

--Norma B

Jun 26, 2019


"Very professional tutor”

--Monica S

May 28, 2019


"Personal touch - child very much involved Adult and child equally listened too”

--Andrea M

May 17, 2019


"Very professional, with tried and tested tutors.”

--Julia E

May 16, 2019


"Very competent tutors. Well recognizing student's needs. Friendly approach. Good organization. Precisely scheduled revising prior to exams.”

--Bart S

May 15, 2019


"The calibre of the Tutor - professional and experienced. ”

--Jill M

May 09, 2019


"The ability to source excellent tutors who know their subject and can engage the pupil”

--Rachel M

Apr 18, 2019


"Very personal and individually based on each child’s needs, they listened to what we needed and matched our tutor accordingly ”

--Amanda P

Apr 11, 2019


"Professional ”

--Monica S

Feb 13, 2019