Some of our latest reviews.

"Matching tutor to student We’ve had a very positive experience "

-- Mitali K

Nov 25, 2021

"Lessons are enjoyable Flexible days/hours Experienced tutor at different age levels."

-- Simon C

Nov 24, 2021

"Quality and dedication of tutors"

-- Suchita D

Nov 19, 2021

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"The getting to know my daughter before finding the tutor ”

--Anna T

Nov 10, 2021


"The matching of tutor to student to get the most out of the student ”

--Natalie K

Nov 10, 2021


"Timely, attentive and supportive”

--Ozlem W

Nov 03, 2021


"I already have recommended your company to other people. My daughter is making great progress already and the tutor really seems to 'get' her.”

--Lynn J

Oct 20, 2021


"I called them very confused and they supported me through process. very professional ,very friendly ”

--Joanne G

Oct 20, 2021


"Well co-ordinated and confident that the tutor matched to our son is appropriately qualified for his requirements.”

--Cecilia F

Sep 30, 2021


"The kids respond really well to Peri and it's nice that he's happy to come to the house for face to face - so much better and more productive”

--Fiona C

Sep 23, 2021


"Run by friendly, efficient people. Tutors are excellent.”

--Anne F

Sep 23, 2021


"Assessment process (with Mark) was thorough and productive and we were confident Mark understands our son very well. Quality of tutors are very good. We also like reports after every session.”

--Masako B

Sep 22, 2021


"Our tutor is engaged and has really helped the children ”

--Lindy C

Sep 16, 2021


"Tailored to my child and tutor found quickley”

--Anne-Marie W

Sep 09, 2021


"Transparency Proactive Relevant and high level tutor”

--Susan W

Sep 08, 2021


"Tutor Doctor are friendly and nice, very easy to talk too. They are dedicated in matching the right Tutor with the student. It takes a lot of pressure off a very anxious parent as well.”

--Sue P

Sep 08, 2021


"Quality of tutors”

--Suchita D

Aug 26, 2021


"Our daughter Alice had Heather Hamilton as her chemistry tutor. Heather was reliable, flexible and able help Alice to look at chemistry content and problems from a different angle. Heather was always patient and explained things well. Big thank you to Heather for all her help and support. ”

--Nicola W

Jul 13, 2021


"Focused on achieving what we have asked, but also fitting around our lives. Excellent, kind, knowledgeable tutor to my daughter.”

--Jayne C

May 26, 2021


"The ability to match the right tutor to match my child’s needs. My son’s maths tutor has been patient, found different ways to explain maths problems until my son has understood and flexible with what is taught.”

--Helen J

May 20, 2021