Some of our latest reviews.

"When there was an issue , it was promptly fixed. Lesson feed back "


Jul 30, 2020

"It does what it says on the tin! Very helpful, professional organisation. Extremely flexible with multiple offerings to suit all pupils. Friendly and honest tutors. Would definitely recommend this company to a friend. "

-- Helen H

Jul 29, 2020

"Our Tutor's expertise and the good communication. "

-- Nicolette R

Jul 29, 2020

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"Knowledgeable tutor (Mauricio) who really understands how to help! He's brilliant. ”

--Karen K

Jul 22, 2020


"Consideration given to my son’s needs and matching him with a suitable tutor ”

--clair s

Jul 22, 2020


"We like the care that Mark and Jo Butler shows when it comes to our daughter's needs. They listen. This is important. Highly recommended. ”

--Lena G

Jul 22, 2020


"Excellent level of engagement from the tutor”

--Mark H

Jul 22, 2020


"We love our tutor Jess, she is perfect for our daughter they have a great rapport. I feel she was very well matched to our daughters requirements. I have recommended tutor doctor and my friend has book in.”

--Nichole C

Jul 15, 2020


"wonderful, confidence building tutors. We have been matched twice with the perfect tutor for our daughter.”

--Tamsyn B

Jul 15, 2020


"Very friendly .”

--Sarah O

Jul 14, 2020


"Flexibility to have the right tutor for my child and to discuss changes with a third party, not the tutor, if it is not working out. The tutors are all top notch as well.”

--Catherine N

May 07, 2020


"Judi our tutor”

--Nicolette R

Apr 29, 2020


"It is tailored to the needs of the individual.”

--Emma I

Apr 23, 2020


"Easy communication, flexible, friendly.”

--Camilla R

Apr 23, 2020


"Flexibility, adaptable and a tailored approach. Our daughter Jessica looks forward to her weekly session with Jo, never any complaints, she previously hated maths (in her words), not when Jo is teaching ”

--Lisa B

Apr 22, 2020


"personalised selection of tutor, meeting with rep to determine learning style and needs, report on each session, access to company for feedback”

--Sue T

Apr 15, 2020


"The motivation ”

--Vilma D

Apr 10, 2020


"Ethics, method and the teacher!”

--Aniela F

Mar 11, 2020


"Helen is always friendly & responds promptly. Tutors, my son suffers with Social Anxiety & school life is difficult. He really enjoys his tutor time & actively looks forward to it especially Maths. ”

--Cathy C

Feb 27, 2020


"Efficient and professional”

--Anna T

Feb 27, 2020