Some of our latest reviews.

"That time taken to fit you to the right tutor abs the flexibility with which our tutor works "

-- Claire M

Mar 27, 2021

"I really like how you listen to what we needed and then focus your lessons around that. "

-- Rebecca C

Mar 26, 2021

"The service and follow up is good. Our tutor Dr David Alliot has been outstanding and has helped my daughter progress so well"

-- Rachi V

Mar 25, 2021

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"I have been more than happy with the tutors for my son. As he is sitting exams, both myself and he are seeing that the grades have gone up. It has been a great confidence boost and helped take away some the stress he was felling. The tutors can also be flexible on times and dates, if needs be. Yes this isn't the cheapest, but for a reason and worth every penny. Found the perfect tutor match for my son. I'm now already thinking about it to help my daughter with science and math when the time comes. ”

--Cherie G

Mar 25, 2021


"Great help!”

--Joanna M

Mar 24, 2021


"Find a tutor very quickly ”

--Lorna S

Mar 18, 2021


"Good tutors found quickly and online tutoring very convenient and works well. ”

--Kate G

Mar 17, 2021


"Amaar is absolutely brilliant ”

--Saba h

Mar 17, 2021


"Professional, caring and helpful understanding service received for my daughters teaching needs ”

--Sonia B

Mar 11, 2021


"Fiona , My daughters maths tutor is wonderful, she has given her so much confidence and Amelia actually enjoys her maths lesson now . I have seen a huge improvement overall. Fiona is so kind and patient. ”

--Donna L

Feb 25, 2021


"Approachable at the beginning Flexible Realistic Great Tutor - got the balance right for our two 6 yr olds & holds attention even on-line! ”

--Simon C

Feb 18, 2021


"Our experience with Tutor Doctor has been excellent. The initial meeting between my 15 year old son and Mark was great, he put my son at ease and spent time understanding what kind of person he was. The maths tutor we have been working with is excellent. She completely gets my son and they have established a brilliant relationship. It has made a huge different to his progress and understanding of maths. ”

--Charlotte D

Feb 11, 2021


"Excellent tutor who keeps my children engaged ”

--Lindy C

Feb 10, 2021


"Flexible, approachable, found the right fit”

--Laura F

Feb 10, 2021


"Lesson feedback and regular contact ”

--Kayode A

Jan 28, 2021


"Matching the tutors against the students requirements. Having a meeting to ensure the match is right and listening to the requirements. If there are problems, they are sorted out effectively and efficiently.”

--Caroline C

Jan 28, 2021


"Great communication Great tutoring! ”

--Camilla R

Jan 27, 2021


"Quality of tutors ”

--Caroline D

Jan 20, 2021


"Exelent and Happy with each tutor who provide help to my children.Thank you.”

--Vilma D

Jan 06, 2021


"Personally tailored and our tutor is lovely, really good with our child ”

--Jessica W

Dec 26, 2020