Some of our latest reviews.

"That the tutor is matched accurately to the student."

-- Elisa S

Nov 26, 2020

"Professional and to the point....flexible."

-- Paul M

Nov 12, 2020

"Personalised. Quick to get back to me."

-- Alison S

Oct 08, 2020

See below... more local client reviews:


"Professional and reliable. Great communication. ”

--Anne L

Sep 02, 2020


"The support and reassurance gave to parents as well as the student. the weekly feedbacks from tutors ”

--Geeta M

Sep 02, 2020


"The sessions my daughter had over the summer were enjoyable and informative. The technology and system used was easy and engaging. Eleanor Fox who recommended the course is very approachable and knowledgeable and this encourages me to trust Tutor Doctor.”

--Mel L

Sep 02, 2020


"Excellent matching in terms of child and tutor. Very well organised too!”

--Michele F

Aug 05, 2020