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"Personalized to meet the parents/ student needs.”

--Millicent A

May 20, 2017


"The tutor working with my daughter is really good ! My daughter was hesitate at first not very confident and shy! She has told me she really looks forward to her sessions with Reza! Reza always come prepared with lots work that really helps my daughter . She also told me he is very positive, happy and really motivates her while inspireing Alicia. Thank you for recommending Reza to tutor my daughter with her studies. As a parent I'm so happy to see my daughter happy well worth the cost ! ”

--Maria T

May 19, 2017


"The fact you keep in touch, properly vet all your tutors and match them to the right pupil. Very professional and yet still friendly service.”

--Anita F

May 17, 2017


"Quite efficient with arranging the paperwork but primarily the tutor allocated to our son was perfect! We are very pleased. ”

--Claira G

May 17, 2017


"The tutors are dedicated and very good with my children”

--Aderonke O

May 17, 2017


"Alison, my daughters tutor is a perfect match. Really pleased with the support she has been able to provide.”

--Sally D

Apr 19, 2017


"The tutor is very good”

--Samantha P

Apr 12, 2017


"Our lovely tutor who has helped so much”

--Amanda J

Mar 29, 2017


"They are very personalised. Well structured. Son very happy and making good progress. ”

--Nancy M

Mar 08, 2017


"Very personal approach”

--Jason O

Feb 22, 2017



--Jill S

Feb 15, 2017


"The tutor is good at working out what area is weak, and then tackles it. You are reliable. The materials you work with are completely relevant. ”

--Carla E

Dec 20, 2016


"Tailored to student's individual needs. Positive and encouraging tutor.”

--Alicia C

Dec 20, 2016


"Tutor doctor have listened to our requirements and have fulfilled that requirement! Great service”

--Sue A

Dec 20, 2016


"The ease and commitment of the people”

--Andrea P

Dec 20, 2016


"Reliable, high quality provision with knowledgable staff. Ability to listen for customers needs. ”

--Serdjn M

Dec 20, 2016


"Have recommended s carver to tutor doctor.”

--Lisa P

Jul 06, 2016


"Efficient, professional service, friendly and professional staff and tutors, children enjoy the lessons, and, they are learning at the same time.”

--Katarina F

Jul 04, 2016


"Excellent tutoring.”

--Kaylee L

Jun 29, 2016


"flexibility and choice of tutors”

--Jill S

Jun 27, 2016