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"Tutor Doctor is a professional organisation that cater for all levels of students. They look at the school reports and then find the "best fit" to match up who the student will feel comfortable with. They provide a report after each session so as a parent I know what the hour has been spent on. I have seen my son excel in the last year. He has gained the confidence to tackle new opportunities and research topic's on a wider spectrum. I would recommend the company without any hesitation.”

--Gurnham G

Feb 12, 2016


"My daughters tutor is very dedicated and works hard to help my child achieve”

--Jacqueline M

Jan 21, 2016


"The search for a tutor who would fit with my son's Asperger and understand his particular needs.”

--Corinne M

Nov 26, 2015


"Tutor Doctor is a well established organisation. It provides high calibre professionals in the field of teaching. It was through a recommendation that I started my son with extra English lessons. Having read independent reviews about Tutor Doctor and the referral advice, I'm glad I made the decision. In the last 6 months my child has not only gained better reading/writing/grammar/spelling skills but has boosted him confidence and ability to push himself and achieve greater results.”

--Gurnham G

Nov 01, 2015


"Very professional”

--Jacqueline M

Oct 17, 2015


"Very professionally.”

--Donna S

Oct 08, 2015


"Personal one to one sessions to meet child's needs.”

--Hardeep D

Oct 01, 2015


"Very in depth, to find out the students needs. + the way that you can swap to another subject if the student gets back upto speed.”

--John F

Sep 03, 2015


"My son is responding well to the tutor because there is a lot of discussion and explanation, whereas at school there is a lot of writing and he doesn't retain the information that way.”

--Maria P

Aug 27, 2015


"I liked how the 2 tutors were matched to my daughters needs and she felt very comfortable with them, also, I am sure they will have helped with whatever results she receives next month”

--Angela R

Jul 24, 2015


"The teaching method is brilliant. My son really enjoy's his sessions and has improved considerably within the last 6 months. Obviously that is due to the teacher and her way of teaching.”

--Gurnham G

Jul 08, 2015


"It is very professional.”

--Kate W

Jul 01, 2015


"Organisation of initial meetings, assessments and email updates. Easy to contact all members and friendly staff.”

--Hardeep D

Jun 29, 2015


"Our tutor is lovely - our daughter enjoys learning with her - and looks forward to her visits!!”

--Anna F

Jun 25, 2015


"High knowledge of tutors used. They have good time keeping with good attitudes. Give a good service organising tutors”

--Dawn (

Jun 14, 2015


"Professional, high quality service. From the initial consultation to find the best match of tutor to the regular feedback - everything is designed to keep you fully engaged in the process .”

--Stephen O

Jun 13, 2015


"One to one support directly relating to childs needs.”

--Elaine B

Jun 11, 2015


"All tutors are very qualified and are matched to student as much as possible. My daughter's tutor has certainly been able to understand her and her needs, and is helping to make her into a confident, independent learner. thank you.”

--Debbie H

Jun 11, 2015


"Excellent communication , and very professionally run. Tutor was excellent.”

--Sally C

Jun 08, 2015


"I have made two recommendations already. From a service perspective I like the fact that it is personal and can be tailored to the individual student/learning needs. The tutors are very flexible in working with the student and providing additional support. I also like the fact that I have one point of contact to discuss any concerns or to request changes to our services”

--Raj K

May 29, 2015