Read Tutor Doctor Epsom Reviews


"Good tutor, clear reporting / sharing of information & communication. ”

--Kate T

Feb 25, 2021


"They have made sure we are 100% happy with our tutor.”

--Jennifer P

Dec 09, 2020


"Very efficient and friendly ”

--Sue W

Dec 02, 2020


"The customer care was excellent.”

--Stephanie S

Dec 02, 2020


"Speed of finding a Tutor, efficient service and excellent level of communication.”

--Kate T

Nov 19, 2020


"Very flexible, great communication and of course a superb tutor.”

--Sarah L

Oct 15, 2020


"A personal approach matching the right tutor to the needs of the student. Our tutor has been fantastic .”

--Rachel M

Oct 14, 2020


"Organised email confirmation of lessons and payments etc. A professional, personable tutor.”

--Jo O

Apr 17, 2020


"Friendly tutors and quick response to issues. ”

--Mona P

Apr 08, 2020


"The personal touch and the feeling that both Paul at the outset, and then Richard our tutor, genuinely care about what they do and their wish to help our daughter.”

--Ruth F

Mar 10, 2020


"Home based”

--Sue W

Feb 13, 2020


"Tailored to the individual student and flexible to work around their needs. Friendly, inspiring tutors.”

--Catriona B

Feb 12, 2020


"Very professional and they deliver what they promise.”

--Faiz I

Jan 30, 2020


"The tutor is a good match for both my kids and they are enjoying it (obviously with usual complaints about why on the weekend!)”

--Mona P

Jan 08, 2020


"The tutor is punctual, polite and appears extremely efficient. I like that we receive a report each work letting me know how many lessons that we have left booked.”

--Jo O

Jan 03, 2020


"Personalised. My son has learning difficulties and a lot of care went into find the right person to support him. Our tutor is superb.”

--Jo-Anne I

Dec 11, 2019


"Very professional and efficient ”

--Rumbi T

Dec 04, 2019



--Sue W

Nov 01, 2019


"Very professional and prompt in responses. ”

--Marcela Z

Oct 26, 2019


"It's a reliable service and the tutors are excellent.”

--Helvi M

Oct 25, 2019