Some of our latest reviews.

"Ticking every box on tutoring "

-- Samira H

Mar 27, 2024

"Committed and well qualified tutors with management oversight"

-- Maria H

Mar 14, 2024

"The excellent communication. And constant progress updates "

-- Samira H

Jul 06, 2023

See below... more local client reviews:


"Hand picked tutor for the student. Good communication. Excellent tutor ”

--Fatima K

Feb 23, 2023


"Very professional and personal service”

--Francisco M

Nov 09, 2022


"Attentive and so far working for us as a family ”

--Jessica P

Nov 03, 2022


"Very personal. Kept well updated. ”

--Rachel H

Oct 31, 2022


"The way that the tutors are matched to my daughter's learning style. Also the fact that she can access all her old sessions for revision. ”

--Abid K

Oct 13, 2022


"Thorough planning before starting the tutoring to ascertain my childs needs. As Jessica is so knowledgeable and engaging, slight risk that whatever tutor you then have will be compared and seen as not as experienced ”

--Nic S

Oct 05, 2022


"Communicate well, structured learning, meeting the needs of the student, Engaging lessons that you are able to review and understand exactly how your child is performing. ”

--John M

Sep 15, 2022


"The personal attention given to each child's individual needs and requirements. Thinking out of the box on ways to assist with problem areas and coming up with specific action plans. The continual dialogue and follow up is brilliant. I feel each person has a genuine and sincere sense of care and desire to assist both the child and the parent. Fantastic experience.”

--Rupinder G

Jun 24, 2022


"personal service, attention to detail, very safe.”

--Barry L

Apr 14, 2022


"Took time to assess my little one and find a suitable tutor.”

--Rajani L

Mar 09, 2022


"personal knowledge of student and family. willingness to find the right tutor fit”

--Daniele S

Mar 02, 2022


"Child and tutor are matched and can change if they don’t get on. Access to the recording/ slides for each lesson. ”

--Rajani L

Nov 17, 2021


"Good customer service. Friendly staff. Good knowledge of what is needed for 11+”

--Victoria E

Oct 14, 2021


"Customer care ”

--Fahar T

Oct 13, 2021


"Everting all the Tutors/ admi has been amazing my daughter has come on leaps and bounds An its all down to Tutour Doctor ”

--Karen W

Sep 08, 2021


"Good service, receptive to feedback and facilitates appropriate change.”

--Rajani L

Aug 27, 2021


"I absolutely love this this service Friendly staff, professional service Very good tutorship My kinds enjoy the service and I am absolutely proud of the teachers helping my kids The most amazing person however is Jessica May Allah bless her and her family ”

--Mohamed T

May 19, 2021