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"We are very happy from Dagmar Bannerman.She doing good job with our son. Thanks ”

--Ivan Y

Feb 05, 2020


"Builds a childs confidence ”

--Romana P

Jan 29, 2020


"Lively tutors and good feedback. Nice that you follow up and check on how things are going.”

--Kate K

Jan 23, 2020


"Efficiency. ”

--Vanessa G

Jan 12, 2020


"Really good communication through out the process. ”

--Cindy G

Dec 29, 2019


"The professionalism and the courtesy The teaching is to an excellent level and tailor made to stretch the student to their full capacity and both my children enjoy their lessons Thank you ”

--Emma M

Dec 27, 2019


"At home”

--Emma C

Nov 23, 2019


"Experienced tutor. Enthusiasm & professionalism. My daughter really enjoys her sessions ”

--Sharon F

Nov 14, 2019


"Very happy with my daughters tutor and weekly updates on what was covered in session”

--Zoe T

Nov 06, 2019


"Very reliable and flexible”

--Sarah A

Oct 31, 2019


"The Tutors treat our son like a young adult and he therefore responds much better to them”

--Lisa C

Oct 24, 2019



--Neil Y

Oct 24, 2019


"Excellent communication , both from 'HQ' and also from the tutor. Love the feedback sheets that the tutor sends to the parents after each session as this shows how our child is doing. Excellent set up, very pleased so far. ”

--Claire B

Oct 16, 2019


"Always friendly and kind tutor”

--Milly M

Oct 16, 2019


"It is very personal and our tutor is great! ”

--Sarah A

Jul 25, 2019


"Personally tailored for my sons needs......”

--John W

Jul 18, 2019


"Very professional, understanding of students needs and fast correspondence.”

--Claire B

Jun 20, 2019



--Romana P

Jun 12, 2019


"Great communication ”

--Tina L

Jun 12, 2019


"Excellent Tutors ”

--Angela G

May 08, 2019