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"friendliness and matching of tutor to personal learning styles”

--Christine F

May 02, 2014


"Efficient service and excellent tutor who meets the requirements of my son's learning. Like the way the tutor was matched on learning needs and also my son's personality.”

--Harjit S

May 02, 2014


"very friendly, approachable, efficient service, tutor matched and chosen perfectly for my son and just what we were looking for. Very pleased client.”

--Emma M

Apr 19, 2014


"The tutor Carol is so knowlegable and knows how to work effectivley to support my sons way of learning as he has dyslexia. He is progressing very well at school and Carol is working very well with my son to support his learning and preparing for his SATS. Fantastic service would definatly recommend highly. Sarah Pawson.”

--Sarah P

Apr 12, 2014


"You make every effort to locate decent tutors”

--Lesley B

Apr 04, 2014


"The tutor assigned to us is a great match for our child, we have seen significant improvements in our child's confidence and in turn her academic abilities.”

--Juliet N

Apr 03, 2014


"First of all, efficiency from the beginning. Timely, friendly and professional service from the first appointment. Tutor comes to our house on time, gives satisfactory feedback after every lesson and e-mails us with further feedback. Tutor seems very competent in not only what he is teaching but also giving advice about schools in the area and application procedures. He also gives advice on educational materials, reading books and brings extra material when necessary.”

--Ayca A

Mar 05, 2014


"Its great that you can have tutoring done in your own home and that makes me feel me and my child more confortable around my childs safety, it also gives me more time with my baby as before i was rushing to get to baildon before to a fab tutors but i had to wait in the car for a hour while he finished which you can imagine was hard work with a baby.I think the service fully meets individual needs of your child, as my child has dyslexia so i was given a tutor which specializes in dyslexia which is just what my son needed. My son has grown in confidence and progress. A written report is produced each week so i can see where my child is at and share with his school.”

--Sarah P

Jan 29, 2014


"We see distinct improvement in our child's confidence and abilities”

--Juliet N

Jan 29, 2014


"Fun,Friendly , happy way of working”

--Karen R

Nov 21, 2013


"The original contact was very good. Our specific needs have been catered for very well. The session reports are very good and a valuable part of the tutoring package.”

--Nick D

Oct 06, 2013


"The service has been efficient and very effective. Results have been amazing.”

--Janet B

Sep 29, 2013


"The way you pair up your tutors to suit the children's personality helping them to quickly build a raport.”

--Lynda P

Sep 26, 2013


"Meets our requirements .”

--Valerie C

Sep 26, 2013


"I like that the tutors a specifically tailored to ensure they can relate to your personal requirements and that the days and times are flexible.”

--Lynda P

Jul 09, 2013


"The ability to tutor in our home”

--John T

Jul 06, 2013


"The Tutors (English and Maths) felt very comfortable with and if results aren't achieved it will not be the fault of the tutors.”

--Pat R

Apr 29, 2013


"professional teachers, friendly, approachable and reliable. our son is so much more confident about his approaching exam even though he has only had 3 sessions up to now.”

--Sandra D

Apr 17, 2013


"Subject specialist with relevant current experience able to support appropriately through the GCSE syllabus.”

--Trish S

Apr 10, 2013


"Visits at home”

--John T

Jan 29, 2013