Some of our latest reviews.

"The service has been brilliant and efficient right from the start. A full and compressive meeting with Mike to establish my daughters needs and who would be a good fit in terms of tutor, right down to finding the perfect person to help her. I cannot fault it in any way."

-- Louise L

Feb 26, 2021

"Sophie as been brilliant with Emily, my daughter as grown in confidance and looks forward to her sessions "

-- Anna C

Feb 11, 2021

"Cheryl has a patient and kind approach to supporting my daughter, Jess. I like the fact you use an individualised programme of learning suited to her needs and an encouraging supportive teaching approach instils confidence in Jess. Thank you"

-- Libby W

Feb 10, 2021

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"Seamless friendly service. Mike is awesome at joining the dots of tutor to pupil; my child has settled extremely well with his tutor Ellie and really enjoys his sessions. The 1-2-1 learning is really structured and reactive to where the child needs help, we have seen great progress. Wether it is virtual learning or home learning, the outcome is the same - excellent. I’m so glad we chose Tutor Doctor. ”

--Nicholas C

Jan 22, 2021


"Friendly, speedy, tailored & in our experience an excellent standard of tutor, going out of their way to help. ”

--Jane C

Jan 15, 2021


"It’s a really efficient & effective way to match tutor to pupil, giving the opportunity for a great working relationship to develop & produce excellent results. The whole process was straight forward & easy. We couldn’t wish for a better tutor. ”

--Louise L

Nov 25, 2020


"The fact that the tutor Cheryl completely understands my daughter's needs. Very comprehensive testing and focus on the gaps in knowledge. Cheryl is approachable and friendly and Jess feels really supported and has grown in confidence. ”

--Libby W

Nov 11, 2020


"Really friendly, professional approach. Matched the tutor perfectly to our daughters needs.”

--Gary W

Aug 05, 2020


"Matching the tutor to the child’s personality ”

--Emma H

Feb 07, 2020


"The people”

--Sara W

Oct 18, 2019


"Personal consultation. Treating the child as an individual. The ethos of the company. Being given the book at the initial consultation was a nice touch.”

--Kate I

Jul 28, 2019


"Mike Richmond selected the perfect tutor for my son William”

--Sara W

Jun 06, 2019


"Personal, flexible, provided in the home”

--Natasha G

May 15, 2019


"Designed so my son can learn in his own way. Relaxed. Doesn't make him feel under pressure.”

--claire S

May 08, 2019


"Ease, professional reports ”

--Kirsty B

Apr 17, 2019


"Reliable and friendly. ”

--Elyse S

Apr 11, 2019


"Very personal and tailor made to our specific needs”

--David H

Mar 13, 2019


"Mike and Anna are great”

--Sara W

Feb 27, 2019