Read Tutor Doctor North-Surrey Reviews


"The flexibility of schedule.”

--Angie G

Jan 18, 2018


"Organised and get written report from tutor after each session. Very helpful for Chris to go over the reports before exams to remind himself of advice”

--Sue W

Jan 17, 2018


"having the one and one attention.”

--Gillian A

Jan 12, 2018


"Your tutors have been lovely and well qualified”

--Alison E

Jan 02, 2018


"- We have received a professional, friendly and knowledgable service throughout.”

--Lucy P

Jan 02, 2018


"Quick and efficient ”

--Fadia A

Jan 01, 2018


"Quality of tutors”

--Rachel D

Dec 30, 2017


"both the tutors have been excellent and the home visits are so convenient. ”

--Pauliina P

Dec 19, 2017


"Very good tutor, convenient”

--Sandra H

Dec 15, 2017


"Professional and personal. ”

--Lily P

Dec 07, 2017


"They are very professional in their approach to you and the child, they keep you informed of your child's progress as well as matching the right tutor to the child to bring the best out in them. They make learning fun and engaging. My son looks forward to his sessions.”

--Andrea J

Nov 23, 2017


"Hess he is amazing”

--Jan L

Nov 22, 2017


"Excellent tutor”

--Jimmy H

Nov 10, 2017


"Paying upfront, the feedback reports, and the tutor having the right personality for the student so they work well together.”

--Frances C

Nov 08, 2017


"I liked the initial consultation and the fact that you were able to find a tutor suitable for the specific needs of the student. I also like the summary after each lesson of how the lesson went.”

--Rayife A

Oct 29, 2017


"Tutor is just right for my son”

--Mark B

Oct 18, 2017


"Flexibility in scheduling”

--Angie G

Oct 04, 2017


"It is a bespoke service that meets the individual needs of the student. The two tutors that come weekly have made huge progress with my daughter already and they are engaging, lively and warm.”

--Emma W

Oct 04, 2017


"Quality of the Tutors, matching with the student ”

--Emily S

Sep 27, 2017


"Professional - easy to communicate with should you have any queries or questions”

--Tina H

Sep 27, 2017