Read Tutor Doctor Peterborough Reviews


"I like the fact you spend time knowing the student and how best he/she likes working. Like the fact tutor is chosen with student likes in mind. ”

--Gaelle B

Jan 29, 2020


"The tutor is very supportive with our twins in the preparation for their SATs.”

--Michelle G

Jan 22, 2020


"That the tutor has managed to engage my son in a subject he really struggles with, he is gaining confidence week on week. And actually looks forward to his weekly session. ”

--Caroline U

Jan 22, 2020


"Professional service excellent tutor ”

--Tracey W

Jan 01, 2020


"Good ”

--Roya O

Dec 19, 2019


"Very thorough and took time to understand my daughters issues. She is really enjoying her studies”

--Rosie A

Dec 12, 2019


"The thing I like most is that my son connects, gets on with and responds to all the tutors provided!”

--Karen A

Nov 07, 2019


"Quality of tutors and flexibility ”

--Bharti S

Nov 06, 2019


"The care taken to get a good tutor match”

--Helena R

Oct 20, 2019


"The services are excellent they spend time finding the right tutor for my child not only for the teaching side but someone that clicks with my daughter , which then makes her lessons fun and enjoyable for her , 100% recommendation from my family ”

--Gemma G

Oct 17, 2019


"Excellent tutorship and customer service ”

--Samuel E

Oct 16, 2019


"Our Tutor is always on time and so friendly. My son is actually starting to enjoy doing maths now. Something i never thought would happen. ”

--Caroline U

Oct 16, 2019


"It is tailored to you ”

--Nina B

Oct 16, 2019


"The initial assessment to know the need of the child.”

--Phyllis A

Oct 16, 2019


"Professional support.”

--Alison W

Aug 01, 2019


"Flexibility and reassurance that there is a point of contact.”

--Bharti S

Jul 31, 2019


"Friendly, professional and we can see the improvement in our daughter maths lesson she had so far.”

--Tyrese M

Jul 11, 2019


"It takes the hassle of finding the right tutor out of the way and seeks to match student to the right tutor. ”

--Fola A

Jun 26, 2019


"Excellent ”

--Joanne B

Jun 26, 2019


"our tutor Nicola is so brilliant with Emily”

--Liz W

Jun 20, 2019