Some of our latest reviews.

"Very committed and hard working to fulfil the need of each individual."

-- Setareh T

May 03, 2018

"Personal service with Mark meeting my son before allocating a tutor. Weekly session reports are very helpful. "

-- Becky W

Apr 09, 2018

"Customised tutor. Reliable, knowledgeable and friendly "

-- Reem A

Mar 08, 2018

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"Excellent Maths tutor! Good match for my daughter & so far, good outcome”

--Monica A

Feb 28, 2018


"Appreciate the professional, attentive and personal service. We are very happy with our tutor, Juliyana. Well matched.”

--Gerlinde T

Aug 02, 2017


"Good diagnose about the level of english and as well about personal objectives”

--Cris B

Jul 26, 2017


"So impressed at the way in which the tutor was prepared to be flexible & accommodating. Also the feedback from my son who was the recipient of the sessions was so positive to the beneficial nature of them”

--Marlcolm F

Jun 02, 2017


"It's bespoke, the tutor comes to our house, nothing is set in concrete.”

--Adrienne D

May 29, 2017


" Caring and conscientious teachers. Good tuition. Very reliable service. ”

--Annette R

May 03, 2017


"I have been very happy with the responsiveness of both the tutor and the director of Tutor Doctor Richmond. My son's tutor is diligent in preparing work for each session and completes a session report each week. She is also flexible, friendly and enthusiastic. ”

--Karen B

Apr 20, 2017


"Conscientious, pleasant tutor whom my daughter enjoys working with. ”

--Annette R

Feb 04, 2017


"Very good one to one tuition,with first class results.”

--Michael N

Dec 30, 2016