Read Tutor Doctor Victoria-Chelsea Reviews


"It’s very professional but at the same time you genuinely feel that all members of the team really want to understand your child and do the very best they can to help them. ”

--Clare B

Feb 03, 2021


"Excellent Tutors and good follow ups during university applications. ”

--Ferida M

Jan 29, 2021


"Very responsive and high quality input ”

--Jenni S

Jan 21, 2021


"I have used a different tutor service before and your service is in a different league from theirs. I think the tutor is better, the attention to detail shown by everyone from start to now has been excellent and most important my daughter seems to be enjoying it and Maths is not a subject that she enjoys.”

--Cherry W

Jan 20, 2021


"Quality of teaching, customer service, regular progress reports, check-in points”

--Liliana Y

Jan 09, 2021


"The whole approach is tailored to each child and the time is taken to assess their needs in detail ”

--Jennie A

Dec 10, 2020


"fabulous team & tutors. ”

--Samantha E

Dec 10, 2020


"The assessment of my child’s needs prior to starting and finding a tutor who’ll suit”

--Catherine D

Dec 10, 2020


"Friendly, professional and keeps the individual child's needs very much at the heart of the process of support. I've appreciated the periodic offers to discuss how things are going and regular tutor reports. Thank you very much. ”

--Sheetal D

Nov 21, 2020


"They are very tailored to the needs of our children and absolutely committed to finding the best tutor for your child. ”

--Katharine B

Oct 15, 2020


"My boys improved a lot in maths and English , happy with the service provided. ”

--Mihaela P

Oct 07, 2020


"One of the best decisions we made this year - Austin has been pivotal in boosting our daughter, Emily's interest in learning again, inspiring her to take on subjects she used to find overwhelming. After Lockdown and the lack of support during her first year at Secondary school her twice weekly sessions with her Tutor have been somewhat of a lifeline. Thank you Austin! ”

--Lucy H

Sep 03, 2020


"Friendly people, great tutor, good feedback notes for the parents to know what’s being covered. ”

--Karin S

Jul 29, 2020


"High quality of Tutors; Responsive to needs of the child in terms of learning; Flexibility in delivery mode of tuition lessons, even in Covid-19 conditions.”

--Harry B

Jul 28, 2020


"The initial assessment and the weekly feedback reports. ”

--Wil W

May 05, 2020


"Your service is very personal and flexible to suit our needs. Our tutor has been amazing and your customer service is very friendly! We have had a great experience! Thank you to our tutor!”

--Karin S

Apr 30, 2020


"The tutors and your readiness to sort a problem should one arise such as a tutor mismatch ”

--Cathy B

Apr 29, 2020


"Directness. Pragmatic insights into the education system. Child led tutoring and the regular feedback.”

--Mel T

Apr 22, 2020


"Personalised to my Son's requirements and keep the sessions interactive, even in these tough times when they are remote learning sessions.”

--Tony H

Apr 22, 2020


"I like the fact that you match a child to a teacher with specific needs.”

--Katherine J

Apr 22, 2020