Read Tutor Doctor Victoria-Chelsea Reviews


"Good teaching and every season student feed back to parents.”

--Ranadhir D

Jun 26, 2019


"Tailor made for the requirements of the student and good service so far.”

--Sangeetha A

May 18, 2019


"Very professional, very supportive and helpful. Very good quality of teachers”

--Kaizarin K

May 09, 2019


"Responsive, compassionate and bespoke approach. ”

--Suzannah O

Apr 25, 2019


"Very well managed”

--Hasmik G

Apr 11, 2019


"Having a knowledgeable and experienced point of contact with whom we can plan future targets has been invaluable.”

--Jemma F

Apr 08, 2019


"That there is an initial (free) in-house consultation with educational consultant at home who makes sure that the child's specific needs are identified and matched with a right tutor.”

--Meeli T

Feb 28, 2019


"We love Eva. She is an amazing tutor and both my girls can't wait to see her each week!”

--Niki B

Feb 17, 2019


"It’s personalised, well considered and very professional. ”

--Kaizarin K

Nov 07, 2018