Some of our latest reviews.

"Fantastic service. Very flexible. Great tutors! "

-- Rowena M

May 19, 2022

"Professional, efficient, engaging and very supportive of both child and parent."

-- Matt O

May 11, 2022

"Very personal service and my daughter's personality and needs were brilliantly matched with the tutor she had."

-- Amanda B

May 10, 2022

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"Very professional. We love our tutor!”

--Ayeesha M

May 04, 2022


"Quick, efficient and professional .”

--Sandra H

May 04, 2022


"Great service, engaging tutors and good level of educational provision.”

--Matt O

Feb 09, 2022


"Prompt replies and excellent feedback on each session”

--Claire L

Feb 09, 2022


"Great tutor! The best we've ever had. Really love the post session feedback via email. Really happy to have paid in bulk so we don't have the hassle of paying for each session. ”

--Ayeesha M

Feb 03, 2022


"Felt personal, Susie really tried to understand our child and needs”

--James H

Dec 01, 2021


"Clarity of learning Proactive tutor who regularly asks Charlie what he feels he needs and accommodates our needs. ”

--Nicky W

Nov 15, 2021


"It is a wonderful service that is helping our sons develop.”

--Jonathan L

Sep 09, 2021


"Catered to individuals. Listened to us. ”

--James H

Aug 26, 2021


"Fantastic - efficient and so nice to deal with. I was given the perfect tutor for my son. It made a huge difference. Thank you.”

--Liza B

Jun 24, 2021


"Personal service. Prompt replies. Good follow up. Fantastic tutor! Thank you!”

--Rowena M

Jun 24, 2021


"I really liked the way in which Tutor Doctor was able to procure a tutor that matched each of my child's specific needs.”

--Alberto N

Mar 10, 2021


"Josie has been a lifeline in lockdown; we would be floundering in panic if she wasn’t around to help consolidate learning. ”

--Lucy P

Feb 25, 2021


"Tailored to us and extremely easy to organise. Communication fantastic too!”

--Miriam F

Dec 10, 2020