Read Tutor Doctor Albuquerque Reviews


"Prompt and efficient ”

--Larry N

May 08, 2019


"Well trained tutors”

--Virginia S

Mar 27, 2019


"Very professional and expedient. Both times Matt responded to us very quickly and arranged an excellent match for our son. Both he and the tutors (Lucy and Logan) really know their material and know how to relate to the child in a way that makes them feel more confident and excited about learning. Excellent job by Matt and his tutors! ”

--Helena H

Mar 25, 2019


"Services are individualized to meet student/parent needs”

--Julianne H

Feb 27, 2019


"Very personable and professional. ”

--Carrie M

Feb 20, 2019


"The Convenience is the best part the fact that the tutor come to your home around your schedule”

--Anna M

Jan 27, 2019


"Rosa is wonderful and very encouraging. ”

--Jacinto S

Jan 23, 2019


"We have tried various tutors for my grandson, and this is the first that has really made a difference. When asked about his tutor his response was "She's terrific!!" He has done better and been more hopeful and committed. ”

--Virginia S

Dec 21, 2018


"Quality of tutors, flexibility of schedules and the fact Matt really works with you to get a good “fit”. Thank you, Matt! ”

--Ashley S

Dec 12, 2018


"Lisa was great with Parker and not only did he improve but he had fun and enjoyed his time with her. ”

--Sharon L

Nov 14, 2018


"My daughter feels like it is helping her. Julia, her tutor, seems to be a great match with Grace. So far, so good. ”

--Mary P

Oct 24, 2018


"our son enjoys the tutoring time and has fun learningt”

--Laurie S

Jun 20, 2018


"Reliable. Tailored to the individual. Easy to coordinate sessions. ”

--Leonard R

May 10, 2018


"How they are customized for each child.”

--Riki B

Apr 11, 2018


"The tutor matching was perfect! We love our tutor, and even though my son is still not fond of the subject, he really likes the tutor and the tutoring sessions.”

--Shannon M

Mar 21, 2018


"Very good”

--Lupe B

Mar 20, 2018


"private at home, ”

--Ximena R

Feb 15, 2018


"excellent flexibility and wonderful tutor”

--Dorsey E

Feb 01, 2018


"The tutor, Kyle, is a perfect match for my son. ”

--Lisa H

Jan 31, 2018


"Our tutors have been great, very caring and invested in our daughter's success. If it's not a great fit, a new tutor ihas been assigned quickly. We had good results that helped with class work, but also the ACT which increased my daughter's scholarships for college.”

--Alysan C

Jan 06, 2018