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"Professionalism. Flexibility ”

--Noreen P

May 24, 2018


"Tutor for math/science ACT is very knowledgeable and patient - first time my daughter has really connected with a tutor. He motivates her to work. Also, love that Jessica herself has been through this college process and shares her knowledge and uses that experience to help her clients. ”

--Carol P

May 20, 2018


"Very good services, Helpful and caring.”

--Johanna S

May 10, 2018


"John is great, he is an excellent teacher, understands how to communicate with teenagers, and explains difficult concepts in practical terms which assists in the learning experience. ”

--Robin P

May 05, 2018


"Excellent service!!! Our tutor was very helpful!”

--Cheryl K

May 03, 2018


"Ultra personalized matching of tutor to student. Highly likable and competent tutors. The summaries of each session give my wife and I a view into the sessions without being there.”

--Mark R

Mar 12, 2018


"Jessica is very responsive and connects our family with wonderful tutors.”

--Lisa Z

Jan 25, 2018


"Personally committed professionals ”

--Jennifer L

Jan 24, 2018


"Knowledgeable staff and tutors. ”

--Nicole P

Jan 24, 2018


"The service is so individualized. Jessica was, hands down, the best representative of your company. I looked at 7 other tutoring companies and no one came close.”

--Robin G

Jan 11, 2018


"personalized attention to students individual needs”

--Anne M

Nov 09, 2017


"The tutors are highly knowledgeable, professional and understand teenagers!”

--Tanya K

Oct 30, 2017


"Excellent owner- very caring and engaged as the tutor, too”

--Cheryl K

Oct 18, 2017


"You have good teachers and my kids benefited noticably from studying with them”

--Lisa F

Sep 20, 2017


"Love the fact that Jessica listens to my concerns and is committed to working with us until we find a solution that works!”

--Victoria P

Sep 13, 2017


"Great strategies, tutors are on time, and supporting a local business. ”

--Robin P

Aug 10, 2017


"Being able to get support for many technoligies”

--Donna F

Jun 14, 2017


"You found a tutor who works well with my daughter. They have an excellent teacher/ student work ethic. Progress is being made.”

--Anne P

May 24, 2017


"I really liked how much time Jessica spent assessing my son. In sitting and listening I began to understand why he was struggling. John our tutor is very on top of dates of upcoming tests and really looks at the teacher's feedback and how she grades. He also goes over in detail where my son has made mistakes on tests and spends time helping him understand what he didn't understand in class. One on one tutoring is really necessary for any student struggling with a subject.”

--Maria M

Apr 26, 2017


"The guidance & knowledge that is given & a very good tutor!”

--Tina K

Mar 15, 2017