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"Working one on one with my child and tutors are highly qualified. ”

--Rachel N

Feb 07, 2018


"Convenience of the tutor coming to my home at a time that fits with our busy schedule. This is the primary reason I choose Tutor Doctor”

--Heather K

Sep 27, 2017


"Laurel is magical; she makes learning math fun.”

--Cheryl G

Sep 06, 2017


"Our tutor, Laurel, is good at motivating Ava to keep working.”

--Christine I

Jul 12, 2017


"Laurel has done wonders with Zada. ”

--Cheryl G

May 24, 2017


"Naoka was a phenomenal tutor ”

--Sheila S

May 24, 2017


"The tutor we have, Lindsey, is amazing. She works very well with my daughter, making my daughter excited for the sessions. I couldn't say enough wonderful things about Lindsey”

--Jen B

May 03, 2017


"Flexible ”

--Pete K

Apr 19, 2017


"Personable and professional ”

--Kathleen A

Apr 18, 2017


"The tutor was amazing, caring, and creative. She made learning fun for my 6 year old. She was exactly what I was hoping for and my daughter loves her!”

--Katarina M

Apr 12, 2017


"Shannon is wonderful to work with and was able to get our daughter a phenomenal calculus tutor in Naoko! She is an excellent rotor and our daughter is excelling, in fact she is the valedictorian! Setting up tutoring sessions is so easy and it's helpful to get the tutoring report after each session to chart her progress and keep track of remaining hours. ”

--Cynthia H

Mar 29, 2017


"So far the tutors have friendly and very helpful. They seem to have a good knowledge of the subject.”

--Tonya T

Feb 17, 2017


"Laurel is an awesome Tutor; my daughter adores her and loves learning math from her. Zada's math grades and confidence has improved since they started working together.”

--Cheryl G

Feb 15, 2017


"Abbey's math tutor is extraordinary. Naoka”

--Sheila S

Feb 15, 2017


"I liked your evaluation process and focus on learning style and pairing of tutor and student.”

--Kathleen A

Jan 11, 2017


"I absolutely love the customer service that has been provided to me. My tutor Joe is amazing. He has helped me overcome a lot of things I was struggling with. When I needed something done like a new tutor for a different subject it was done right away. Tutor Doctor has been great working with me on a payment plan so I could pay as I went. That has helped me a lot. I feel confident going into my test I will be taking soon. Great company. ”

--Denay R

Jan 04, 2017


"Experienced tutors ”

--Stacey H

Dec 19, 2016


"I like that its in my home and the schedule is flexible. Chris has already been a huge help and my daughter loves working with her. ”

--Brandy P

Dec 19, 2016


"It is fantabulous that the tutor comes to my house. ”

--Jennifer B

Nov 28, 2016


"Ken really likes his tutor Stephen. Stephen has good knowledge of the subjects he is helping Ken with”

--Tonya T

Nov 23, 2016