Some of our latest reviews.

"flexibility, dedicated to one student"

-- Nikola R

Jun 09, 2016

"I like the the time and patience Mrs. Jane took to teach my son. Also for listening to my concern."

-- Claudine J

Jun 02, 2016

"The tutor has made accommodations to fit our schedule Tutoring has been molded and changed to fit the needs of my son."

-- Felicia J

May 20, 2016

See below... more local client reviews:


"very individualized, very knowledgeable and inspiring tutor”

--Nathalie B

Feb 18, 2016


"Friendly and prompt response to inquiries and flexibility scheduling. Meets client's specific needs.”

--Bernice C

Jan 27, 2016


"Punctual, ready to help specific child needs. We were given lots of valuable information even before the lessons started. We really appreciate Tutor Doctor's help and knowledge.”

--Nikola R

Nov 25, 2015


"Personable and caring service. Easy to set up.”

--Bernice C

Oct 29, 2015


"Feels very personal. Everyone is easily accessible. Tutors are punctual and highly knowledgeable in their field.”

--Marie F

Oct 26, 2015


"Easy to talk to administrator and tutor is a great match.”

--Alan C

Aug 27, 2015


"Sandy is very friendly easy to talk to and a good listener Sandy is always going over and above to help with Every situation , I will recommend your service to friends and Family without any reservation.”

--Roy A

Aug 27, 2015


"everything, especially the patience shown by Sona because math does not come easy for me”

--Steven D

Jun 20, 2015


"Quick and easy to set up. Available to answer questions and/or concerns.”

--Bernice C

Jun 10, 2015


"Great match tutor-student and Administrator very thorough”

--Alan C

Jun 07, 2015


"The r/ship or interaction b/w the student and the teacher makes it interesting for the student to look forward to the next meeting.Also, the teacher's promptness, politeness and willingness to work with or help a child to push through academic challenges are all worthy and commendable qualities of TD.”

--Mercy H

Apr 02, 2015


"Quick response to inquiries, personable service and concern over individual specific needs.”

--Bernice C

Apr 01, 2015


"We can see Christina starting to gain some confidence in the 2 subjects she was struggling prior to Tudor/Doctor. The 2 Tudors she has have help her to meet the challenges she was facing and her grades have improved. It was the right decision and we will be using the service in the summer to prepare for Algebra II.”

--Liz S

Mar 05, 2015


"I like the one on one in a comfortable setting. I love how accommodating and concerned the turtor is.”

--Selena M

Dec 07, 2014


"Doing what you said”

--Chi M

Nov 07, 2014


"Good matching to needs”

--Melanie S

Nov 03, 2014


"How personalized we can make it.”

--Tanya D

Sep 18, 2014