Some of our latest reviews.

"The staff assessment test are complete and detailed."

-- Silvia G

May 11, 2022

"Savannah Overton is the best math tutor my son has had in 6 years. She’s kind, patient and knowledgeable!"

-- Margaret M

Mar 24, 2022

"Steven is a great tutor, I would highly recommend him to anyone!!"

-- Erich R

Jan 05, 2022

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"Organized, tailored to meet our needs (in person vs online).”

--Kelly F

Dec 30, 2021


"Steven Starks, our son's tutor is fabulous!!”

--Erich R

Sep 22, 2021


"Reliable, makes learning fun again for my daughter, motivates her!”

--Gina B

Apr 28, 2021


"We really like our son's tutor”

--Erich R

Apr 07, 2021


"The fast response.”

--Yolanda S

Mar 31, 2021


"That tutors are matched to students based on learning styles and academic needs”

--Shannan D

Mar 02, 2021


"Professional, smart, kind tutors! ”

--Margaret M

Jan 20, 2021


"Everything. From the team to the convince of working with the group. It’s the easiest and by far one of the best decisions I’ve made in her education.”

--Kristin A

Dec 23, 2020


"Hello, Kiley is currently enrolled 1 day a week on Monday's for 2hrs. I started her with 1 day (Mon is a short day for TK) to get a feel for it and she seems to love it and I feel that she has learned a lot in the time she has spent there. I also like hearing the feedback of what we can/can't do to help succeed in areas where she needs it. As a parent and having to homeschool during this difficult time and work full time, I feel the time at the tutor doctor has really helped her and myself. Being in a school setting is what she needs so I plan to continue for as long as we can. Thank you to her instructor Savanah for taking her time to teach her - she is amazing as well as Daphne who keeps very well informed. The tutor doctor is a great place for kids and I have definitely let others know! ”

--Jayne C

Dec 02, 2020


"Trained tutors with experience and kind hearts. ”

--Margaret M

Oct 07, 2020


"The mobility to meet whether in person virtually or any location of convenience!”

--Kristin A

Sep 23, 2020


"Rachel was committed and adapted to Joe's needs. Joe has autism. ”

--Randall F

Jul 28, 2020


"Great communication and very flexible.”

--Anjanette A

Apr 29, 2020


"The care and attention to detail in the students work ethics, attitude, and abilities to learn.”

--Kristin A

Apr 22, 2020


"Excellent tutors and the convenience of having instruction in the home. ”

--Margaret M

Dec 26, 2019


"The one on one tutor service is very helpful and efficient. ”

--Jarilyn L

Oct 24, 2019


"Tutors are individually matched to suit the need of each student.”

--Miki V

May 30, 2019