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"Elizabeth was very pleasant to talk to, she understood what Colleen needed right away. The tutor sessions have been working out great.”

--Trish F

Dec 12, 2015


"Easy to contact and get a good tutor”

--Jill A

Nov 12, 2015


"Initial consultation and reports”

--Monica K

Sep 05, 2015


"Dedication, compassion and flexibility.”

--Gail B

Sep 03, 2015


"I like that they will tutor at the library, at my house, at school, any location that's convenient for the parents. And I like how they match up the student with the tutor. I would absolutely recommend them,and I will probably use them again in the future...”

--Athene O

Aug 20, 2015


"High quality, good follow-thru, convenient, effective.”

--Monica S

Aug 12, 2015


"Tutor addresses concerns. Personable.”

--Gillian W

Jul 30, 2015


"our tutor was honest caring and went above and beyond to help our son.”

--Diane Z

Jun 11, 2015


"Tutor Doctor works to find tutors who are suitably matched to the needs and personality of students. I like thatthe tutor, doesn't give up on students no matter how challenging and difficult the student. I see academic progress, and feel encouraged toward more future achievement and goals”

--Gail B

Jun 04, 2015


"Effectiveness and reliable and able to relate well to the children.”

--Gail B

Feb 19, 2015


"you get involved with the childs school work and you try to teach them how to study and organize and start to be responsible for their own grades.”

--Diane Z

Feb 18, 2015


"how much you care about the child getting the right tutor and how accommodating you are to work with the child and parent schedule.”

--Antonietta R

Feb 17, 2015


"The flexibility of the teachers To meet with the students”

--Myriam V

Jan 24, 2015


"Very proactive action on my request on upgrading the quality”

--Yisug K

Dec 04, 2014


"I like that the lessons are tailored for my child's individual needs and interests. Also that the lessons are fluid so if something has come up in the week since the last lesson, they are able to adjust this lesson to reflect the change.”

--Jennifer A

Nov 26, 2014


"How wonderful and helpful Elizabeth has been in working with me to find the right tutor for my son I can't say enough about tutor doctor and Elizabeth. Thank you,Ms Roy”

--Antonietta R

Nov 05, 2014