Some of our latest reviews.

"That you come to our house, makes life so much easier !"

-- Kate G

Oct 11, 2018

"That the tutor comes to your home . "

-- Kate G

Jun 08, 2018

"The quality of the tutor that you have. The tutor’s dedication and commitment to their students that they teach. The convenience of the tutor coming to my home. "

-- Ruth W

May 16, 2018

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"That the tutor comes to our home .”

--Kate G

Mar 08, 2018


"Gary has been great to deal with and is very accommodating. ”

--Michelle W

Mar 01, 2018


"I like that the tutor comes directly to our home. The tutor is well qualified and is committed to helping our son understand the subject better. ”

--Ruth W

Feb 14, 2018


"Owners are great. Matched our daughter with fantastic tutor who really knows her stuff!”

--Kristyn T

Jan 17, 2018


"The flexibility from the owners, and the tutors. ”

--Austin V

Dec 22, 2017


"Can be tailored to the individual.”

--Sandra S

Nov 08, 2017


"The convenience of having the tutoring done in my home where the environment is comfortable for my son. The quality of the tutors have been great!”

--Ruth W

Oct 04, 2017


"Tutor Doctor took the time to find the tutor best suited for our child.”

--Sandra S

Aug 09, 2017


"-tutor comes to your home -summary of the each tutor session in a timely manner ”

--Angie P

May 26, 2017


"Tailor made with results.”

--Sandra S

May 14, 2017


"Kelly is a great teacher who really relates well to our daughter. She is reliable, and able to convey concepts to my daughter in a way that she can understand.”

--Jerry J

May 03, 2017


"The convenience of having a qualified teacher come into our home and help my children improve their grades. It is wonderful!”

--Ruth W

Mar 15, 2017


"its working”

--Lisa D

Mar 01, 2017



--Chrystal S

Feb 22, 2017


"They get to know your child's needs and style of learning. Afterwards they set up a tutor that would work well with your child. The tutor comes to your home and works with your child's schedule. This has been a wonderful experience. I would highly recommend this to anybody who needs tutoring services. ”

--Robin S

Feb 16, 2017


"My child has progressed incredibly in just a handful of sessions with the tutor -- reading level has doubled. My child also likes the tutor a lot and I find her quite friendly and easy to work with (we had to postpone a session once because my child was sick, for instance). ”

--Sandra S

Feb 08, 2017


"I love that you come out to the house. We love our tutor Ashley.”

--Stuart P

Dec 19, 2016