Some of our latest reviews.

"I Love the feed back from each session to know the progress."

-- Vanessa B

Oct 24, 2019

"What don't I like? The woman that work with my son is great. She is very easy to get alone with, she has so much patience with him. My son is doing so much better at school."

-- Angela K

Oct 24, 2019

"Tutor doctor was able to find a amazing person for my daughter "

-- Katherine L

Jun 05, 2019

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--Donna T

May 13, 2019


"We hired Tutor Dr. to help our daughter who was a reading and math level behind her peers. Within 10 sessions, she tested average for her class and was looking to exceed. Our tutor was great to work with and really help motivate our daughter to learn and grow. ”

--Ryan J

May 01, 2019


"Perfect for our busy lifestyle. We love the 1:1 ratio”

--Vanessa N

Feb 07, 2019


"My Tutor has been a blessing to my son. He has show improvements in his reading in only a month time. He’s moved up two reading levels.”

--Vanessa B

Nov 29, 2018


"Convienent and solid help”

--Jennifer S

Oct 31, 2018