Some of our latest reviews.

"We love how Tutor Doctor was tailored to our son's needs. We love our tutor and she really connects with my son."

-- Lindsay K

Mar 10, 2021

"My son enjoys his sessions and it has really helped. We got the right tutor for him. "

-- Lauren F

Feb 18, 2021

"Jordan is FANTASTIC a and the perfect fit for boys! "

-- Brandy C

Feb 10, 2021

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"Tutoring services are customized to exactly what my child needs in order to succeed. Her confidence has increased significantly. ”

--Barrie R

Jan 14, 2021


"Customized to our needs, fantastic tutor and a huge help in this crazy time of trying to help my sons keep up!”

--Lindsay K

Dec 09, 2020


"Comes to you home on your schedule. Makes it fun.”

--Lauren F

Oct 21, 2020


"Fantastic tutor, reliable service, I like the summaries of what they covered. It has really helped our boys!”

--Lindsay K

Aug 12, 2020



--Sara T

Jul 31, 2020


"Tutoring occurs at home when it works with our schedule. He enjoys it and it is fun and really helping.”

--Lauren F

Jul 27, 2020


"I love that the tutor paired with my child is a really great fit for her personality, I strongly believe this makes her eager to learn each week. I also love the flexibility of scheduling. ”

--Shannon C

Apr 22, 2020


"Our tutor has been reliable and helpful”

--Leanne F

Feb 19, 2020


"Very personalized, great tutor, very effective!”

--Lindsay K

Dec 04, 2019


"Prompt and professional”

--Keith D

Aug 14, 2019


"Friendly, helpful tutor that my son loves working with. Scheduling is easy and everything has gone so smoothly!”

--Lindsay K

Aug 07, 2019


"Wonderful, attentive tutor who has really helped my son learn and grow as a student!”

--Lindsay K

May 01, 2019


"Mandy is the perfect tutor for our daughter. I’m so happy with her. My daughters confidence has blossomed. ”

--Dawn B

Mar 20, 2019


"In home service and choice to select schedule ”

--Abida D

Mar 14, 2019


"Personalized ”

--Bernadette W

Mar 09, 2019


"Flexiblity and communication.”

--Sandra D

Feb 27, 2019


"The tutor really gets on my son's level and makes him feel comfortable. She helps him do his best work and he is always proud of himself after a session!”

--Lindsay K

Jan 30, 2019